Volvo C30 (2007-2014)
Elevate Volvo C30 T5 Performance Turbo Intake Pipe

Elevate Volvo C30 T5 Performance Turbo Intake Pipe

  • Optimal design and construction for maximum power gains
  • Precision formed 3" (76mm) aluminum tubing
  • Thermal coating helps block and reflect heat
  • Direct replacement for factory piping between MAF sensor and turbo
  • Includes your choice of silicone hose colors
  • Impressive underhood looks

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The ELEVATE Volvo C30 T5 Turbo Intake Pipe is engineered to provide maximum power and torque for the Volvo T5 engine. This is achieved by increasing both flow and capacity of the pipe between the MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor and the turbocharger. The factory plastic intake pipe necks down to just 2.16" (55mm) and integrates a resonator section that creates turbulence and restricts flow just before the turbo inlet. Using mandrel bent, 3" (76mm) aluminum construction, our design allows greater and unrestricted air flow into the turbo, yielding more power and quicker turbo response. Our pipe has an increased internal volume of 41% over the factory pipe. A bright silver thermal coating reflects heat and helps keep the intake charge cool. The black plastic factory pipe absorbs under hood heat, creating a loss in power. All factory vacuum lines are maintained and are fastened to the Turbo Intake Pipe using the factory quick-connect fittings. High quality 4-ply silicone hoses (choice of Black, Blue or Red) and clamps are included to complete the installation. The Turbo Intake Pipe installs in about 30 minutes and includes easy to follow instructions.

The ELEVATE Turbo Intake Pipe works with either the stock air filter box or ELEVATE Air Intake (available separately).  Images of both fitments are shown.

  1. Accesory To Intake Review by Daniel G

    If you like what you see/ feel/ hear from your air intake, this pipe is just an extension of that. It opens up the air tract, allowing the engine to breathe just that much better, and also delivers more turbo noises which is always a good thing. (Posted on 5/10/2017)

  2. Great pipe, agree with others to properly install Review by Sschultze

    I did not pay attention at first and allowed the pipe to start rubbing. After some time adjusting it I got it set properly and no issues. (Posted on 5/6/2017)

  3. High Quality Review by Bryce

    This was my first modification to my stock C30 R. Absolutely noticeable gains in throttle response and spool up time. Fantastic quality and attention to detailed fitment. (Posted on 1/11/2017)

  4. Great product. 4 stars Review by Charlie

    Great product, easy to install, follow the directions as stated and it goes in smooth. Looks great, nice improvement in looks and function. (Posted on 5/20/2016)

  5. Great pipe, pay attention on install! Review by Travman

    The pipe is good, but you MUST be sure when you install it that the pipe is not hitting on the AC lines or anywhere on top of the passenger side head. If you neglect to ensure the pipe is tight and not hitting, it will rub a hole in the pipe eventually and that means metal shavings in the turbo. Also, check it each time you change your oil just to be sure. I have been running mine for years with no issues. (Posted on 2/5/2016)

  6. Love it Review by Naylor

    First of all, love the look, sound and performance advantages. I noticed the increased kick right away. Ok so install took about 2 hours but im not exactly a handyman. Couldnt figure it out at first but got in contact with somebody from here via email and they helped me sort everything out, amazing service. Gonna do the turbo pipe next, then maybe the upper inlet manifold.

    *side note* getting the old box intake out is the hardest part, it took me and a friend 20 min to pull the damn thing out.

    All in all love the part, love the company (Posted on 9/13/2015)


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