Elevate Volvo C30 Race Bushing Set for Engine Torque Mount


  • Direct replacement for bushings in Elevate Engine Torque Mount
  • Hard polyester material for use on the track
  • Keeps drivetrain “locked” to the chassis
  • Not recommended for street use
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The ELEVATE Engine Torque Mount Race Bushings replace the two bushing halves of the Elevate Engine Torque Mount.

The Race bushings are made of very firm polyester to eliminate drivetrain slop. Not recommend for use on the street as engine vibration is transmitted to the chassis.


  1. Sschultze

    I bought this for autocross and track use and have been very happy with it. You will have a noticeable vibration when the car is started up. I also notice more vibration cruising the highway and letting off the throttle. I am not complaining about this since I bought it for a reason, just passing along information for those considering it.

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