Elevate Volvo C30 T5 K16 Turbo Upgrade


  • The most power available with a direct fit, bolt-on turbo
  • Gains +159hp and +133ftlb (180Nm) of torque at the wheels
  • Dyno proven 347hp and 353ftlb (478Nm) of torque at the wheels
  • Estimated 416hp and 423ftlb (573Nm) of torque at the engine
  • Complete kit includes everything needed to fit the K16 turbo to your T5 engine
  • Custom software tune for your vehicle and modifications
  • Thoroughly tested and proven
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Dramatically transform your Volvo C30 T5 with the Elevate K16 turbo upgrade. Elevate has taken the time to compile a complete kit to install and maximize the potential of the K16 turbo on your Volvo T5 engine. The stock K04 turbo makes excellent power, but is limited by its relatively small compressor. The K16 turbo (the same turbo used on the famed Ford Focus RS500 in Europe) is capable of delivering stunning numbers, without the need to build an expensive engine.

We start with a brand new K16 turbo-straight from Borg-Warner, not a rebuilt unit to ensure long life and optimal performance. We include a matched set of fuel injectors to meet the fueling needs of the larger turbo. Included are factory oil feed and drain tubes, gaskets, crush washers, check valve adapter, studs/nuts, silicone hoses for the compressor inlet and outlet and all the other bits and pieces needed for a straight forward install.

The most critical factor is our Performance Software to make it all run. Our software development partner has spent considerable time creating an optimized file for this application. A perfect balance of maximum power without over stressing the engine or driveline is achieved. We create a file tailored to your fuel octane and bolt-on components to yield the most power possible.

Air intake and exhaust is important on any performance vehicle. Naturally, the K16 turbo has an increased demand for air and benefits from free-flowing components on both the intake and exhaust side. The K16 can bolt to the factory downpipe, but the 3" Elevate Downpipe and Exhaust are recommended. With the turbo out of the vehicle, it is an ideal opportunity to fit the Elevate Compressor Bypass Valve (CBV) and Elevate Wastegate Actuator.

In regard to engine and drivetrain longevity, consider that the factory Ford Focus RS500 uses this turbo on the (borrowed by Ford) Volvo T5 engine with similar gearboxes. Naturally, aggressive driving and abuse will affect longevity of a stock or tuned engine and drivetrain.

Images shown feature installation of the optional Elevate K16 Wastegate Actuator and Elevate K16 Compressor Bypass Valve. The kit includes a factory wastegate actuator and factory rubber diaphragm bypass valve. We can install the optional Elevate Wastegate Actuator and Bypass Valves before shipping upon customer request.


  1. Scott J

    Kit arrived extremely well packed and the guys at Elevate took the time to set up the Elevate waste gate and elevate dual bypass valve prior to shipping it out. The staff at Elevate is very knowledgable and professional, taking time to answer all of my questions.

    I will definitely be purchasing from them in the future. Big brake kit and rotors next on list.

    Thanks Elevate,

    Scott J

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