Elevate Volvo XC70 T5 Performance Inlet Manifold


  • Unique, optimal design and materials for maximum power
  • Power gains of up to +26hp and +22ftlb (30 Nm) of torque increase
  • Precision cast 356-T6 Aluminum Construction
  • Port-matched CNC machined Inlets and Outlets optimize air flow
  • Easy installation-direct replacement for the factory inlet manifold
  • Choice of two powder coated colors
  • Made in USA
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The ELEVATE Volvo XC70 T5 Performance Inlet Manifold (plenum) is engineered and constructed to provide maximum power and torque gains for the T5 (turbo five cylinder) engine. This is achieved by increasing both flow and capacity when compared to the restrictive stock, plastic inlet manifold. Careful attention to details throughout the manufacturing process ensures every one of our Performance Inlet Manifolds perform exactly as designed by our R&D team. Power gains are dependent on the state of tune of the engine, but a stock T5 engines will see a power gain of +14hp and +13ftlb (18 Nm), while a tuned engine with other ELEVATE components will see gains of over +26hp and +22ftlb (30Nm) of torque increase. The higher the engine output, the more effective our Performance Inlet Manifold becomes as additional air flow is required by the engine.

Our Inlet Manifold is precision sand cast and heat treated to 356-T6 specification, creating a strong, resilient product. After casting and heat treating, our Inlet Manifold undergoes a process of accurate CNC machining on three different fixtures for proper alignment and inlet and outlet port sizing for optimal flow. Every one of our Performance Inlet Manifolds is then pressure tested for burst resistance. The final process is the application of a high quality, durable and great looking powder coated finish.

Optimized Air Flow Design: The inlet manifold takes the single "inlet" of the throttle body and distributes the air between the five cylinders. Our design optimizes the boosted air distribution between the cylinders, creating consistent combustion chamber filling and maximum power across the board. The interior surface of our Inlet Manifold is coated with an epoxy coating for optimal, smooth air flow.

Outlet Port Size: The oval inlet ports on the stock lower manifold which the inlet manifold bolts to measure 51.1mm x 32.4mm. The outlet ports which mate to the lower intake manifold on the ELEVATE Performance Inlet Manifold measure 50.2 x 31.8mm-a perfect transition in air flow. For sake of comparison, the stock outlet ports measure 47.6mm x 29.2mm. Compared to our competitors, the "Brand M" Inlet measures 47.6mm x 29.3mm and "Brand S" Inlet measures an average (very inconsistent between ports) of 47.7mm x 30.7mm. Evenly distributed air delivery to each cylinder is critical, and uneven port dimensions affect performance. The factory plastic inlet has port variances of +/- .5mm on width and +/- .7mm on height. Our competitors are not much better than the factory inlet manifold in this regard. Only with CNC machining can you achieve consistent port dimensions across all five ports. Our competitors leave their outlet ports a rough, cast finish while ours feature a finely machined finish that is coated for optimal flow.

Gasket instead of O-rings: The factory inlet manifold uses O-rings around each of the five ports to seal to the lower manifold. This design limits port dimensions. Our design uses a gasket which we designed in-house and have manufactured to our specification. Using a gasket instead of O-rings allows us to increase port dimensions to match the larger ports of the factory lower manifold. The gasket has the added benefit of blocking heat transfer from the stock lower manifold (which is bolted to the cylinder head) to our Performance Inlet Manifold, keeping the inlet charge cooler.

Burst resistance: We have seen and heard of several factory plastic inlet manifolds bursting under higher boost pressures (even with a stock turbo), causing significant damage underhood. The risk of this happening is absolutely eliminated by our strong cast aluminum design with robust wall thickness. We pressure test our Performance Inlet Manifolds to 50psi (3.4bar) before it leaves our warehouse to ensure proper sealing and burst resistance for our customers. Of the three hose connection locations on the inlet manifold, both of our competitors use plastic fittings on some of the connections which are prone to failure with heat and time. All of our connectors are either zinc plated steel or brass for strength and longevity.

Tailored to your car: Our Performance Inlet Manifolds are offered in your choice of color to best match your car's style. Options are Bright Silver with ELEVATE logo and Gloss Black with ELEVATE logo.

Easy installation: Installation is easily accomplished by the do-it-yourselfer with some automotive skill and hand tools. Premium hardware and detailed instructions are included. Depending on your stock air box style, installation takes between twenty minutes to an hour and a half.

The ELEVATE Performance Inlet Manifold is a combination of excellent power gains, top quality construction, and appropriate styling.

This product is for the turbo five cylinder engine only. Compare your underhood/engine with the picture shown on our website of the stock engine with the MAP sensor circled.





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