The ELEVATE Volvo Magnetic Oil Drain Plug is engineered to keep your oil cleaner and reduce engine wear by pulling any ferrous metallic particles from the oil. Our Oil Drain Plug is a direct replacement for your factory M18x1.5 drain plug and is fitted with a high intensity magnet to attract and secure metal particles floating in the oil system. As seen in the images, our design features an extra long exposed magnet section which protrudes well into the oil pan for maximum effectiveness.

The strong magnet easily picks up a full size 19mm combination wrench.

Use this plug the lifetime of your Volvo by simply wiping it clean and reinstalling at every oil change to ensure proper performance.

Includes two aluminum crush washer for proper sealing. One for immediate use, and a spare for a future oil change.

Secure using a 17mm wrench and torque to 26 ft lb. / 35 Nm.

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  1. Jack (verified owner)

    This magnetic drain plug is exactly what it says it is and works well. It also came with two crush washers for future oil changes.

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