Elevate Volvo C30 T5 Turbo Control Valve (TCV) Boost Solenoid


  • Fast acting valve for optimal boost pressure control
  • Replaces failing factory TCV
  • Will not modify the emission or vacuum system in any way
  • Excellent for use on both stock and tuned vehicles
  • Direct plug and play with minimal “learning” by the ECM
  • Mounts on the firewall, away from the heat of the turbo
  • All metal valve body and hose connectors (not plastic)
  • Includes top quality, USA made silicone hose and mounting hardware
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The ELEVATE Volvo C30 T5 Turbo Control Valve (TCV) Boost Solenoid is designed to deliver consistent, optimal boost pressure for your vehicle. Utilizing a premium quality, super fast acting, aluminum bodied valve, our TCV is built to last and provide superior performance.

What is a Turbo Control Valve (TCV)?

In simplest terms, a TCV is an electronically controlled valve that is controlled by the Engine Control Module (ECM) to manage turbo boost pressure. It accomplishes this by taking the electrical signal from ECM and opening/closing a valve which regulates the pressure applied to the turbo wastegate actuator.

Do I need a new TCV?

The factory TCV is manufactured of plastic and mounted to the turbocharger housing (a very high heat area). The factory TCV will likely perform adequately for a length of time on a stock vehicle with no modifications, but will eventually fail in time as it is a wearing item (valve constantly opening and closing). On tuned vehicles, greater demand is placed on the TCV, which may cause a stock TCV to fail sooner. If your TCV fails, boost will be limited to only 5 to 7psi, depending on the spring pressure in the wastegate actuator, which severely limits performance. Those with a Performance Software Tune which increases boost pressure will benefit from our TCV with more consistent boost delivery and the long lasting durability that our design offers.

What makes the ELEVATE TCV different than others on the market?

Quality, design, testing and fitment. The valve we use is the best available on the market and is stable over a wide temperature range. We tested several different iterations of this and other valve types to determine which is most compatible with the stock engine management system. This translates to very little "learning" time for the engine management to adapt to the valve. When energized, our valve responds in just 4.2 milliseconds and closes in just 2 milliseconds. Our TCV uses steel, zinc plated hose connections at the valve to prevent leaks or breakage that is possible with cheap, plastic fittings that fatigue when exposed to heat. All electrical connections are weather sealed. Our TCV is mounted up on the firewall with an adjustable aluminum bracket, keeping the valve away from damaging heat. Our kit includes 54" (137cm) of US made, high quality black silicone hose. We evaluated cheaper silicone vacuum hose from several suppliers and found the quality to be far inferior to the thick walled hose we include.

The ELEVATE Turbo Control Valve is a direct replacement for the factory TCV.

Installation instructions are included along with a mounting bracket, mounting hardware, and US made black silicone vacuum hose for a clean installation.





  1. MyNameIdeasWereTaken

    When my stock TCV went bad, I upgraded to the Elevate unit. It immediately restored the boost issues I was encountering on my stock tune. Perfectly paired with an Elevate performance tune, this TCV has not given me any issues in well over 100k miles and boosting at 19psi.

  2. Charlie (verified owner)

    Great buy, well worth the money, great packaging, everything sealed nice in its own bags. Noticeable improvement in performance and response.
    Installation with regards to replacing the hoses with the supplied hoses is tough, but worth the time and effort, take your time and have a good supply of long needle nose pliers with 90-45 angles.

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