Elevate Volvo C30 T5 3″ Performance Sport Exhaust System


  • Gain of +13 HP and +12 lb-ft (16Nm) of torque at the wheels
  • True Catalytic Converter Back System with 3″ Diameter
  • Excellent sound and great looks
  • Proprietary Muffler and Resonator Designs
  • Dual Outlet, 4″ Stainless Steel Polished Tips
  • Fits all Volvo C30 Factory Bumpers
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The ELEVATE Volvo C30 T5 Performance Exhaust System has been completely designed in-house to absolutely maximize flow, increasing torque and horsepower throughout the power band. Dyno proven gains show +13hp and +12lbft of torque (both measured at the wheels) are accompanied by a great sound with just the right amount of exhaust snarl under acceleration. Creating a true catalytic converter-back system of 3" (76mm) diameter fully mandrel bent tubing is the only way to accomplish significant power gains. Diameter is increased 26% over the factory system, yet weight is decreased over 8 lbs (3.6kg). A mere muffler replacement (as some companies offer) simply isn't the way to make power. We designed our muffler and resonator sections from the inside out, specifically for the Volvo C30 taking into account engine displacement, flow characteristics, power levels, and sound attenuation to create a system with optimum power gains without excessive sound or droning in the interior while at cruising speeds. This simply cannot be accomplished using off-the-shelf components like most "tuners" use.

Our 3" diameter design maximizes power and torque. The stock exhaust is 2.3" (58mm), and most other competitor exhaust systems are 2.5" (63mm) diameter--simply not enough of a difference to extract maximum power from your Volvo.

Constructed entirely of T304 stainless steel for long lasting performance with thick flanges to eliminate exhaust leaks. All tubing features a semi-polished finish while the resonator, muffler and tips have a full polished finish for amazing looks. The system includes all components (gaskets and hardware) needed for installation and is of bolt-on construction. It is recommended that the three slip-fit and clamped sections have a tack weld or two applied to prevent anything from moving. Bolts directly to either the factory downpipe or the ELEVATE 3" Downpipe. Dual polished 4" (102mm) ELEVATE laser etched tips integrate with the factory Version 1.0, Version 2.0 and R-Design rear bumpers of all model C30 model years due to our adjustable tip design.

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  1. John B

    Echo’ing the others except for one thing. I would loosen the flange bolts FIRST before cutting. These can be super stubborn so you want to be sure you get these free before cutting in case you need to take it to an installer.

  2. carsofchaos

    I’ve done a lot of modifications on a lot of cars over the years, and most of the time my satisfaction in these modifications range from satisfied to mildly (and occasionally very) disappointed. Not the case with the GT exhaust! This was my second major mod to my 2008 C30 R-Design (the first being factory Polestar tune). My Volvo guy was very impressed with the build quality of the GT exhaust. “This is no off the shelf exhaust” he said “Elevate really took their time to design this and manufactur it.” Okay, I was happy to hear that. He also noted that it was very easy to install.
    Immediately after install, I took the C30 for an hour and a half drive home. The exhaust note is perfect, you definitely know it’s there and there’s a nice bit of rumble, but yet it’s not overly obnoxius or droning. As others have said, this is how the C30 should have sounded from the factory. The GT exhaust is well worth the money, and you’re not only buying some performance, you’re buying smiles. Well done Elevate.

  3. James

    Just installed the 3 inch cat back exhaust and it sounds amazing. It’s a perfect exhaust system for a daily as it’s not too loud in low RPM’s but has a great sound in higher RPM’s.

  4. Jeremiah (verified owner)

    Installing the Elevate T5 Sport Exhaust was relatively straightforward, took just over an hour, and looks great. But that first sound after starting the engine was the golden ticket. Perfect rumble, deep, resonating sound. Get on the throttle and it roars, but settles back down on the highway. Great product, very pleased.

  5. Matty

    Had it installed about 10 months ago. The garage I had it installed at commented on how impressed they were with the exhaust (they hadn’t heard of Elevate, but also don’t specialize in Volvos) and said it had some of the best welding they’ve seen in a while.

    It still sounds great, love turning the car on. It can get a little drony at times but honestly don’t mind at all. Not a huge change in performance, (not that it was advertised too) but when flooring it, it seems to be just slightly more authoritative, which is nice.

    The first time I had actually heard it while not being in the car, I was getting a crack in the wind shield fixed. I was sitting in the waiting room and heard a nice exhaust outside and looked to see what car it was and it turned out to be mine being pulled around front!

  6. Raymond (verified owner)

    wow,what a beautiful exhaust kit, i had other brand performance kits on our other Volvos,but this Elevate inch system is very well built.i love the quality and thickness of the pipes and flanges. real simple to install if you have a lift.the slip on parts for the rubber hangers are beefy too. the sound is just right for the T5. its not too loud but has an aggressive tone. sounds great on the highway. another need to get part from Elevate.

  7. Chris

    Wow what a change! Not too loud, but much better sound. Installer said it was easy and was impressed with the construction.

  8. Rich

    My grandson and his friend installed the exhaust while the car was on jack stands. Just follow the instructions and it will be an easy job.. The most difficult thing is getting the hangers off and on. If you lube them generously with WD-40 or a silicon lubricant it will be much easier.. All necessary parts are provided and are top quality. Enjoy the sound and the power.

  9. Scott J

    Sounds amazing, deep and throaty without being absurd. Quality at every turn. Love starting my car and watching the heads turn. Fitted with the 3″ down pipe. Sound is tonally pleasing, not like the cheap tin can bumble bee sound of lesser quality products.

    Way to go Elevate,

    Scott J

  10. Daniel G

    Our T5 engine has such a great sound on its own, it just needs something to allow it to break free from the excessive muffling of the stock cat-back exhaust. Elevate’s Cat-back system impressed my exhaust installer with how well it fit compared to others on the market, and impressed me with a deep grunt down low in the rpms, and a rasp up top that can’t be found on anything but a screaming 5 cylinder motor.

  11. MyNameIdeasWereTaken

    The first time I started the car with the Elevate exhaust installed, the sound was music to my ears. Loud enough to turn a few heads, but not so loud it draws unwanted attention. It is still perfectly manageable to carry on a conversation in the vehicle, not that you will want to listen to anything other than your car’s amazing sound. But visual and audible cosmetics are only half of the benefits. Elevate’s cat-back system is dyno proven to give performance gains, even your butt dyno will be quite pleased with the results of this purchase.

  12. sschultze

    I’ve had this exhaust for a few years now. No issues with any of the system. The is a slight drone when compared to stock, but nothing to be concerned about.

  13. The Tea Board

    The elevate exhaust is a very high quality product. It is much much lighter than the stock exhaust and has an incredible sound. First time driving my friends around they said “I never knew a Volvo could sound like this.” It’s loud enough where you can enjoy it, but does not get annoying. I smile every time I get a loud pop! Great work Don!

  14. Travman

    I ran the Elevate system for a while and loved the sound. Def one of the most “meaty” sounding exhausts out there. Borla and many others are very quiet. A few tips when installing this. I would tack weld the tips on along with the claps. A few have stated they come loose. Just added peace of mind. Also, you will have a bit of drone around 2300-2500 in 6th gear, it is not bad at all, but just stating in case you are one of those super picky can’t have drone ever sounds. I would highly recommend you getting this paired with the Elevate DP to get max performance, but keep in mind if you get a bigger DP, hit Don up for a tune to go with it, it is needed!

  15. Tim

    I got the system on over the weekend on my 2009 C30 and WOW!!!

    My zero to 60 times are down. The sound coming from the exhaust are what I wanted my car to sound like day1.

    When I get on the throttle, it sounds nice and throaty and at idle it purrs like a lion waiting to bound. Also I can feel a lot more torque now as well.

  16. Tom C.

    The Elevate exhaust is the perfect addition to the C30, or any Volvo with the T5 motor. Let me start by saying, the sound is incredible. The T5 is special in that it’s exhaust note is unique. Volvo has masked this sound from the factory with its stock, restrictive exhaust- you barely get a tone. Hearing the stock Volvo exhaust cold start left me yearning for more. The Elevate exhaust puts a grin on my face every time I drive it. It’s hard to resist the temptation and let it sing in a parking garage. Yet it is surprisingly tamed when not giving much gas. The low RPMs are filled with subtle pops and gurgles, while getting up to speed on the highway on-ramp is a blast. The standard exhaust tip diameter of the base models and R-designs are lacking in the design area. The Elevate 4″ tips really bring the rest of the rear end together and fill the lower bumper up perfectly. Overall, I am very pleased. I recommend the exhaust to anyone wanting more out of their T5 Volvo.

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