Weight is the enemy of speed, and every little bit matters on a performance oriented car. With this is mind, Elevate designed and had contract manufactured our exclusive Titanium M6 Acorn License Plate Nut Set. Less weight equals quicker acceleration, deceleration, and direction changes. In fact, replacing just one set of the factory steel acorn nuts with a set of Elevate Titanium Acorn Nuts from will reduce your 1/4 mile time by .0000017! Imagine the speed if you replaced BOTH front and rear?! 🙂

Have you ever noticed how quickly the factory acorn nuts look like garbage after being in the weather for a bit? Titanium's natural durability and resistance to the environment will keep these acorn nuts looking great under adverse conditions for years!

In an effort to create a truly beautiful piece of hardware and to introduce a bit of theft protection, we made the nuts with a 12pt. 8mm head. Check your tool box to make sure you have an 8mm 12pt. socket, and if not, you can order one from us (sold separately).

Starting with certified GR5= Ti 6ai-4v titanium material, Elevate M6 Acorn Nuts undergo a multi-step machining process to create a product that is strong, light weight, and performs.

The finished product weighs about half the weight of the factory acorn nut--success!

  • Factory Volvo M6 Acorn Nut: 4.02g / .14oz
  • Elevate Titanium M6 Acorn Nut: 2.11g / .07oz

This is a set of FOUR Titanium M6x1.0 Acorn Nuts. Confirm fitment on your vehicle before ordering. May be used for many other applications.

Specification: M6x1.0, right hand thread, 12pt. 8mm head


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