Elevate Volvo T5 K04 / K16 Turbo Heat Shield Blanket


  • Improves turbo performance by isolating heat
  • Reduces intake and under hood temperatures
  • Fits both stock K04 Turbo and performance K16 turbos
  • No need to remove turbo for installation
  • Covers both the exhaust manifold and turbine housing
  • Interior heat barrier made of Calcium Magnesium Silicate Wool
  • Outer layer weave made of pulverized volcanic lava rock
  • Continuous use temperature rating of 1832°F / 1000°C
  • Made in USA

Maximize the performance and efficiency of your Volvo T5 turbocharger and protect components in your engine bay with the Elevate Turbo Heat Shield Blanket. Our custom designed turbo blanket covers both the exhaust manifold and the turbine housing to keep the heat in the turbo, improving spool rate. Manufactured in the USA from premium materials and easily installed by the do-it-yourselfer with no tools required to install the heat shield blanket. Fits both stock K04 and performance K16 turbochargers on the turbo five cylinder engine.

The Elevate Turbo Heat Shield Blanket isolates the heat produced by your turbocharger, and prevents that heat from damaging components surrounding the turbocharger within the engine compartment such as plastic and rubber hoses and electrical wiring, as well as painted surfaces. There are rubber and hard coolant lines surrounding the turbo, and our heat shield blanket effectively places a barrier between the turbo and these coolant hoses. It also prevents areas of localized high temperature from damaging the engine itself by containing and moderating any radiant heat. Our design forms a pocket which covers both the front and backside of the exhaust manifold and wraps around the entire turbine housing.

Our Turbo Heat Shield Blanket is made exclusively for us in the USA. There are less expensive materials that we could have selected for construction, but we chose the best of the best in every aspect for maximum effectiveness. Construction from the inside out starts with a stainless steel knitted wire mesh inner liner to keep the layer of high temperature silica fabric in place. This fabric is backed by a layer of Calcium Magnesium Silicate wool insulation. The outer layer has a reflective backing and is made from actual pulverized volcanic lava rock (continuous-filament basalt) formed into fabric and woven into a tight mesh weave for ultimate heat containment. All edges are bound with Kevlar wire mesh, and Kevlar fiber is used for all stitching. Stainless steel Capstan rivets are secured to the blanket and stainless steel springs are used to secure the blanket around the turbine housing. All of this adds up to a blanket that has a maximum temperature rating of 2300°F / 1260°C on the interior surface and a continuous use rating of 1,832°F / 1000°C.

Performance Theory:

By keeping the exhaust gases within the turbocharger hot and not allowing that heat to radiate away from the turbo, turbocharger efficiency is improved. The hotter a gas is, the more expansive it is. Within a contained system of a specified size, the more expansive a gas is, the greater the pressure derived, and, thus, the greater the flow of gas to escape the containment. With this increased pressure and flow rate for a given engine RPM, the acceleration of the turbocharger’s impeller is increased as compared to the same turbocharger with the engine at the same RPM but with cooler exhaust gases. This equates to faster spool up of the turbocharger, as well as greater attainable levels of boost and greater responsiveness. The faster spool up of the turbocharger translates to less turbo lag and a more linear power curve.

Keeping the heat of the exhaust gases contained within the turbine (the hot side of the turbo), and away from the compressor (the cool side of the turbo) and intake path helps a cooler charge of air reach your engine, translating to more power.

Installation of the Turbo Heat Shield Blanket can be performed by the do-it-yourselfer, and installation of the actual blanket requires no tools as it uses included springs to secure the blanket. You will need to gain access to the top of the turbo in the engine bay by removing the turbo intake pipe. With the intake pipe removed, and the factory metal heat shield removed (four bolts also accessed from the top) the heat shield blanket can be installed. We include two pair of nitrile long cuffed gloves to protect your hands as some people may feel “itchy” from contact with some of the fibers (similar to handling fiberglass).

Our Turbo Heat Shield Blanket is non-flammable. It is not designed to be removed and replaced multiple times as the material becomes less pliable after being heat cycled through normal use.

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