Elevate Volvo P3 3.0L T6 Polished Port Turbo Exhaust Manifold


  • Smooth, Polished Ports optimize air flow, yielding maximum power
  • Abrasive Flow Media process leaves ports smooth and restriction free
  • Increases power by means of more efficient exhaust manifold port surface
  • Out multi-step process ensures an excellent performing product
  • Direct replacement with all gaskets and hardware included

The Elevate Volvo P3 3.0L T6 Polished Port Exhaust Manifold increases power and torque by helping evacuate exhaust gases from the combustion chamber and more efficiently delivering these gases to the turbocharger. Using proprietary abrasive flow media technology, our process polishes the internal ports by removing the rough cast finish, this process maximizes air volume, flow and velocity. Pairing our Port Polished Exhaust Manifold with the Elevate Performance Inlet Manifold allows you to optimize flow and power on both the intake and exhaust side of the head.

The Process

There are several steps in creating the Elevate Polished Port Exhaust Manifold. Starting with a used core manifold, we inspect for any issues on either of the sealing surfaces and scrap any that are not within specification.

We remove the factory studs and have the manifold media blasted to remove rust and allow us to further inspect the unit. Once the unit passes secondary inspection, the magic to the ports happens.

The Abrasive Flow Media (AFM) process uses a putty-like polymer media that is saturated with fine abrasives. The abrasive laden media is forced through the ports at very high-pressure, multiple times. By forcing the abrasive putty through the ports, inner wall material is removed at a controlled rate, leaving the surface optimally smooth, polished, and restriction free. We remove only enough material (about 1mm to all internal surfaces) to create the finished surface desired, without removing too much material which could compromise port wall integrity. It is impossible to equal the AFM process by the traditional method of applying a variety of rotating carbide cutters and/or sandpaper rolls to remove material and polish the ports cannot create a consistent, smooth, even finish across all six ports, and can’t begin to attempt to do the entire ports due to their length and shape.

Once the internal ports are polished, we ensure the mounting surfaces are true, and coat the exterior of the manifold with a matte black high heat coating. New studs are installed on the manifold, and the unit is ready to ship with the new gaskets and copper plated locking flange nuts to mount to the head and mount the turbo.

Why not a tubular exhaust manifold?

Tubular manifolds may look cool (we've built several variants for some of our show cars), but there are several reasons why our port polished cast turbo exhaust manifold is the best route.

(1) The thin walls of a tubular manifold tend to radiate heat at a much higher rate than a cast iron manifold. Heat is energy, and with a turbocharged engine especially, you want that heat energy to be focused at the turbine impeller to create boost for maximum power. Also, radiant heat will increase under hood temperatures, which are never desirable. The factory iron manifold with the heat shield is most effective at directing and keeping heat where it belongs.

(2) Tubular manifolds have an exceedingly high probability of cracking. Each weld or junction is an opportunity for a crack, creating an exhaust leak. Naturally, a one-piece, cast manifold has no such issues.

(3) Port velocity is critical. If the ports are too large and/or not optimally designed, exhaust gas velocity (and energy) can suffer, hurting power.

(4) The final challenge with a tubular manifold is blending of the twin, three ports. The 3.0L T6 uses a “twin-scroll” the turbocharger which in this engine takes in exhaust gases in two stages, with the inflow divided into two lots of three cylinders each. Twin-scroll technology permits use of a more compact and uncomplicated turbocharger and provides extremely swift response, fully on a par with that from twin turbochargers. If the blending of the two pair of three cylinders is not very precise with sufficient interior volume, performance will suffer. It is exceedingly difficult to create a tubular manifold with a sufficiently sized collector for the two pairs of tubes.

The Elevate Volvo P3 3.0L T6 Polished Port Exhaust Manifold unit is sold on an exchange basis. When an order is placed, we ship you a Polished Port Exhaust Manifold ready to install. After installation, you then return your stock lower inlet manifold (return shipping is included in the purchase price within 48 US states, contact Elevate for arrangements to other locations) to Elevate and that unit is inspected, cleaned, machined, and readied for the next customer. Purchase includes a prepped manifold, new gaskets at the head and at the turbo and copper plated locking flange nuts. There is a $300.00 core charge which is processed in addition to the $862.00. The price upon check out is $1,162.00 (plus shipping to you) includes the $300.00 core charge. The $300.00 core charge is refunded when we receive your stock turbo exhaust manifold in good condition.

Installation is a direct replacement for the factory unit with no other modifications required. Custom tuning for this item is not necessary as power gains are obtained through efficiency. For use ONLY on the 3.0L turbocharged T6 six cylinder engine.


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