Get maximum performance through high electrical conductivity with our pure copper grounding bolts. Second only to silver, copper is highly conductive--over seven times more conductive than factory steel bolts. This high electrical conductivity ensures maximum grounding for optimal electrical performance throughout your vehicle's electrical system and may help cure grounding issues.

This bolt is for one individual copper bolt, sized M6x1.0mm - 25mm long.

Starting with 99.9% pure copper, our exclusive bolts are precision machined to our specification.

In an effort to create a truly beautiful piece of hardware, we made the bolts with a 12pt. 8mm head. Check your tool box to make sure you have an 8mm 12pt. socket, and if not, you can order one from us (sold separately).

As this is pure copper, they may oxidize in time (think of a US penny), but are easily brightened with a bit of metal polish.


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