Elevate Volvo C30 Performance Brake Pads Front (pair)


  • Ideal pad for street performance and light track use
  • Consistent friction performance with a wide temperature range
  • Low dusting, quiet compound
  • Direct replacement for factory pads
  • Rotor friendly-not overly aggressive
  • Exceptional value in a performance pad
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ELEVATE Volvo C30 Performance Brake Pads offer excellent value and increased performance over factory pads. Exceptional initial bite with a consistent friction performance over a wide temperature range offer the enthusiast a pad well suited for assertive street driving and auto cross style driving events. Extraordinary wear and fade resistance with a low dusting compound keep your wheels cleaner. Refined manufacturing process features a positive molding process which eliminates any impurities in the friction material for consistent performance. Integrated shims reduce vibration reducing braking noise. ELEVATE Performance Brake Pad friction materials are 100% asbestos free. We recommend installation of new brake rotors with new pads for optimal performance.


  1. Kevin

    Excellent pads for the money! My brake fluid overheats before the pads lose their bite, so they definitely do everything I need them to do.

    Maybe something changed in their composition, but they’re rather dusty. After 100ish highway miles I can usually wipe a small layer of brake dust off. A hard spirited drive will make them noticeably dusty.

    As far as wear after 16k miles goes, my front left is at ~1-2mm thickness. My front right is around 3-4mm thick (gonna try greasing my slide pin to see if the front left was sticking). The rears are probably twice as thick (but see much less braking force).

    Not super impressed with how long they lasted, but I’m about to buy another set for the front because I enjoyed their braking feel and heat resistance so much. Thanks to these pads, my friends know my car for its crazy braking force and lack of brake fade during hard driving. They all ask what pads I use…and are disappointed when I say they’re only made for Volvos!

  2. MyNameIdeasWereTaken

    I used these pads and got nearly 80k miles out of them, with a lot of spirited driving and auto cross. Better stopping power and less dust than stock, it’s a win-win of an upgrade.

  3. Trevor G.

    i’ve had these brakes on my Volvo c30 t5 since around april 2015 and they are truly great brakes. great stopping distance, do not fade under the canyon conditions ive run them in and stop reliably even from high speeds.

    pros: stop reliably, quickly, with good bite ( when warm ) minimal dust.

    cons: need med-high amount of heat to work at maximum.

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