Elevate Software File Only: Multifuel, Premium + E85


  • Adds a new file to your handheld tuner enabling you to run a mixture of Premium and E85 Fuel
  • Get the most power out of your Volvo
  • File is tailored to other performance modifications

If you already have ELEVATE Volvo Performance Software, this new file enables you to run a mixture of Premium unleaded fuel and E85 fuel to maximize power. We create a file tailored to your vehicle, taking into consideration your other performance modifications. You are able to safely run 100% Premium Unleaded up to a mixture of 50% Premium Unleaded and 50% E85. It is not recommended to run more than 50% E85 fuel.

Once ordered, the new vehicle file will be created and will automatically download to your handheld tool when you perform a Sync.

Please state fuel octane and other modifications in order notes.





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