Volvo S40 (2004.5-2014)
Elevate Volvo S40 Performance Software Tuning

Elevate Volvo S40 Performance Software Tuning

  • Highest power gain for the lowest cost available

  • Maximum power gain without affecting engine and drivetrain longevity

  • Fast, easy installation of custom tuned software files 

  • Easy to use handheld Elevate Performance Tuner programming tool

  • Easily program ECM back to stock or switch to other custom files

  • Non-invasive flash programming through OBDII port

  • Optional DTC code reading and clearing

  • Engine Power Gains: 

  • o T5 (220hp/230hp): +39hp, +53ftlb (74Nm) of torque

  • o D5 (180hp): +45hp, +88ftlb (120Nm) of torque

  • o 2.4i (140hp): +40hp, +14ftlb (20Nm) of torque

  • o 2.0D (136hp): +34hp, +52ftlb (70Nm) of torque

  • o 1.6D (109hp): +31hp, +48ftlb (65Nm) of torque

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Absurdly good. Review by PSI
On only a mildly upgraded engine this completely changed the car.

Even the base tune transforms the car removing the early rpm sluggish feeling. Now I touch the gas n it just pulls hard, seemingly to no end.

Wishing I got this first, So so worth it... (Posted on 8/9/2019)
Great power and easy to tune! Review by IG: Uncle_Julian
Don and the elevate crew made a great stage 1 file for me, went from 8.9psi to 15psi and is pulling strong on most cars I race. Installing the tune is easy, once you plug the USB from the tuner to your PC, download the file, all you have to do is plug into your OBDII port and follow the instructions on the tuner itself. Most simple process and no need for VIDA or run tests with a laptop! (Posted on 6/17/2019)
Perfect Tune Review by Uncle_Julian
All around easy install on the tune, takes less than 3 minutes to flash your tune VIA OBD port. Elevate created my tune based on the mods I did (3in catless DP, Elevate intake full kit, and muffler delete) and even put my request to up my boost from 8.9 psi stock to 15 psi. Don is definitely quick to respond and there is no doubt i will come back to buy more parts in the next season. (Posted on 4/3/2019)
Worth it! Review by pillarsofnosgoth
I got a stock performance tune for my t5 as I just bought my Volvo a year ago and had to wait to get a backup car before tinkering with the s40. Concerning power gains, I didn't notice my 0-60 improving, but there seemed to be better acceleration moving past that toward 100.
The tune may be worth it just on the improvement to drivability alone, though. That jerky stop and go (where under 1500 rpm's the car seems nonresponsive, but give it a slight push more and you're lurching toward the back end of another vehicle too rapidly and have to immediately back off) in stoplight traffic that I've seen complained about in reviews elsewhere has been smoothed out. The accelerator becomes more responsive, and once you get used to it, is much more enjoyable to drive in that stop-and-go traffic. My 2 cents, anyway. (Posted on 10/15/2017)
The best bang for your buck Review by MyNameIdeasWereTaken
People often ask me what the best modifications are for the money. Nearly every bolt on will have benefits for adding horsepower, but the biggest bang for your buck is a performance software tune.

The hefty price tag often intimidates people. Aside from a turbo upgrade, a software tune can easily be the most expensive performance modification that you purchase. However, a quality tune is worth every penny.

The Elevate software performance upgrade is one of the leading aftermarket tunes for modern Volvos. Even if your car is bone stock, a basic tune will still give a noticeable improvement both in horsepower and in torque. If you think your stock Volvo is fast now, just wait... You will not regret this purchase. (Posted on 5/8/2017)

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