Elevate Volvo XC70 Rear Sway Bar (Adjustable, 25.4mm, 1″)


  • Increased cornering ability–more fun to drive
  • 25.4mm diameter–optimal design
  • Quicker turn-in and more neutral handling
  • Adjustable for both Front and Rear
  • Includes polyurethane bushings and heavy duty brackets
  • Direct replacement for factory sway bars
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Tuned specifically to your Volvo XC70, Elevate Anti-Sway Bars keep your vehicle flat in the corners and increase vehicle control. Tire contact patch is maximized when you're at the limits. We have created a stronger and better engineered design that favors the enthusiast. Both front and rear anti-sway bars feature increased stiffness over the factory XC70 sway bars. Fully adjustable to your driving style, both front and rear bars have multiple settings to achieve the balance you desire.

An anti-sway bar is essentially a large lever designed to limit the roll angle of a car by using their torsional stiffness to resist the movement of one wheel moving up and the corresponding wheel on the other side of the car moving down. Connecting the two wheels (front to front, rear to rear) with an anti-roll bar causes the bar to twist, and body roll is reduced as a result. By properly engineering material (chrome-moly bar stock), diameter (25.4mm) and end link location of our ELEVATE Anti-Sway Bars, we are able to offer you a product that will greatly increase handling.

ELEVATE Anti-Sway Bars offer adjustability for precise tuning of your suspension to achieve the balance you desire during cornering. This is achieved using the two or three holes at the end of each Anti-Sway Bar. Inserting and bolting for the end link to the outermost hole will "soften" the Anti-Sway Bar, while bolting the end link to the innermost hole will stiffen the Anti-Sway Bar and make it more effective. The positioning of the holes simply increases or decreases the effectiveness of the lever. The "softest" setting of our sway bars is much stiffer than the factory sway bars.

Our bars use the factory mounting points and factory end links and include new polyurethane bushings and grease to further tighten handling. A durable powder-coat finish ensures corrosion resistance.





  1. Arnett

    2002 V70XC, 112k miles. The first difference I noticed after install was the OE bar laying on my mechanics floor. It’s like comparing a dime to a quarter. He installed the bar using the middle mounting hole. There was a noticeable difference in the rear ride height. I didn’t take a before and after measurement, but there must have been at least an inch ride height increase. So far after a week the height difference is still there, not sure if it will settle down after a while, we’ll see, it doesn’t bother me either way. I did notice a stiffening of the rear suspension going straight down the road, nothing out of line, but it’s apparent. The main difference is in the curves and corners. We have a stretch of highway in our city called the S-Curve and my XC goes through it much easier now. Speed limit through it is 50mph. I was comfortable going through it at 60 with the high sidewalls that are standard on the car. Now I feel comfortable at 65-70. The body roll is considerably less and the car feels like it’s more responsive to where I point it. It’s certainly a different car from what I had before. Small price for such a noticeable difference. I’ll probably replace the front bar next.

  2. Passleft

    This weekend I installed the sway bar on my 2004 XC70. I drive that car 40+ miles to work every day. I’ve owned this car for 11 years and this was one of the upgrades I never seemed to get around to ordering. I’m so sorry I didn’t do this years ago! I love that the sway bar is adjustable, currently have it in the middle hole, but that alone has absolutely transformed the car! This bar is easily twice the thickness of the stock bar and very well made.

    I don’t ever expect this car to handle like my 13 S60 R-Design, but this sway bar has done so much to make the car much more stable and reduced the body roll — I am truly enjoying this car all over again.

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