Elevate Volvo XC70 Performance Software Tuning


  • Highest power gain for the lowest cost available
  • Maximum power gain without affecting engine and drivetrain longevity
  • Fast, easy installation of custom tuned software files 
  • Easy to use Elevate Performance Tuner Handheld programming tool
  • Easily program ECM back to stock or switch to other custom files
  • Non-invasive flash programming through OBDII port
  • Optional DTC code reading and clearing
  • Engine Power Gains: 
  • T5 (247hp): +45hp, +62ftlb (84Nm) of torque
  • T5 (256hp): +60hp, +71ftlb (95Nm) of torque
  • 2.5T (208hp): +41hp, +71ftlb (95Nm) of torque
  • 2.4T (194hp): +39hp, +77ftlb (105Nm) of torque
  • D5 (182hp): +40hp, +52ftlb (70Nm) of torque
  • D5 (163hp): +37hp, +81ftlb (110Nm) of torque
  • 2.4D (163hp): +62hp, +95ftlb (130Nm) of torque
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ELEVATE Volvo XC70 Turbo Performance Software Chip Tuning is truly a revolution in Volvo car performance. We deliver the highest power gains possible. Tuning your Volvo for significantly more power takes just four minutes using our easy to use EPT handheld tuner. After installation, the driving experience of your Volvo will be much more engaging with a significant increase in power and acceleration.

Elevate Performance Software Chip Tuning is the art of tailoring the standard ECM (Engine Control Module) software file, which is stored in the factory engine management system, to your fuel octane and bolt-on modifications (if any). To increase the power output of an engine, we modify the file maps which control turbo boost (on turbocharged cars), ignition timing, fuel delivery, and throttle response. By adjusting these parameters specific to your fuel octane, your engine will be optimized to produce maximum power and efficiency. Your car comes from the factory with a "dumbed down" software file to be able to accommodate the worst of fuels that a customer might put in the car. By you using higher octane, premium fuel, we create a file specific to the octane you most commonly have access to. You can choose from 91, 92, 93, 94 or other octane based on the AKI test method of R+M/2.

The Best Performing Software Files

Our team of software engineers has been calibrating engine management systems since 1994, and has been specialized in Volvo applications since 1999. We perform all of our testing and evaluation on the road (and race track where relevant) and prove the results on either our Rototest (www.rototest.com) dynamometer in Sweden or a Dynapack (www.dynapack.com) dynamometer in the US. These hub-mounted chassis dynamometers are the most accurate on the market, as they measure true wheel torque at the hub rather than a tire interfacing with a huge roller. We engineer our files to deliver the maximum power without compromising engine or drivetrain life. While peak power numbers are impressive, extracting peak numbers doesn't always relate to what you experience on the road. Drivability is more important than these peak dyno numbers, and that is where our software delivers. Maximum performance that you can feel every day. To make sure our competition stays in our rear view mirrors, we frequently evaluate their files to assure our customers that they are getting the best performing software on the market.

Software Installation Challenges of the Past

Over the years, there have been several ways of installing software into your Volvo's ECM, and each has their draw backs. The most common has been removing your ECM, shipping it off, and waiting for its return. With this, your car is inoperable without the ECM in place. Other companies have offered handheld solutions, but the unit may or may not have a correctly tuned file for your model pre-installed, requiring you to "read" your software, send it to them, and wait for them to create a file for you and send it to you for installation. Some companies using older technology require you to read your software file, send it to them and wait for several days for a tuned file to arrive for you to then install. Anytime you "read" your engine software file, it is critical that a professional battery conditioner be in place during the reading process. Anytime your Volvo retailer plugs into the OBD II port, they first connect an expensive battery conditioner to ensure the battery does not fall below a certain voltage during communication with the car's electronic systems. Depending on the equipment being used to read the engine management software, the process can take well over an hour and a half. During this time, it is very possible that the battery would lose charge sufficient to causing the car's computer to crash. You are then faced with an immobilized car being towed to your dealership with some explaining to do about how your car's computer crashed...

Software Installation Solutions for Today and the Future

ELEVATE has created an easy, fast, and trouble free means of tuning your Volvo using our Elevate Performance Tuner (EPT) Handheld Tuner. When you order, we ship you the EPT tuner with easy to follow instructions and a USB cable for use with most any PC computer with an internet connection.  Simply install the software provided, perform a "Sync", and both your Stock and Modified files will be downloaded from our server to your handheld programmer.  Next, plug the EPT programmer into your OBDII port and follow the on-screen instructions to upload either your Stock or Modified file.  Four minutes later, your car is tuned!  We create your tuned file by tracing your car's Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).  This method allows us to create an accurate file for your specific car.  The EPT Tuner is shipped with a carrying case and USB cable.  Should you ever need to add vehicles (up to three other Volvos) or files (up to five per vehicle) to your EPT Tuner, you will need access to a PC computer with internet connection.  We prepare the file(s) for you and a simple "Sync" with our server downloads the new file(s) into your EPT Tuner.

The purchase price includes:

1) The handheld tuner

2) Your Stock file

3) Custom calibrated Tuned file specific to your fuel octane and list of bolt-on performance parts

Custom Files

For those that are looking for something tailored to their needs, we can create files specific for the below parameters for most late model Volvos. Each custom tailored file becomes unique in addition to other stock or tuned files, allowing you to choose between files depending on the situation. Going to the dealership? Use your stock file. Daily commutes? Use your modified file specific to your pump fuel. Going to the track with a tank of race fuel? Use your 100 octane file with Top Speed Limiter removed.

Top Speed Limiter removed: Allows vehicle to accelerate to the maximum speed possible without artificial limits imposed by the car's electronics.

Engine Rev Limiter changed: You tell us the RPM you want to be the rev limiter, and we set it. Know that there is usually not more power to be made on Volvo turbo cars by revving them higher, but it may be helpful if your favorite track needs a bit more RPM for specific sections.

Octane Specific File: In addition to your file tuned for pump fuel, we can create a file for your higher octane needs.

Reduced Top Speed File: Allowing your teenager to borrow the car for a special outing? Limit his or her top speed to a reasonable rate.

E85 Fuel File: Maximize the benefits of running high octane E85 fuel using this file. You will typically see a gain of +17hp and +22ftlb. (30Nm) of torque over our fuel specific tuned file.

Multi-fuel File: Allows you to run either premium unleaded or E85.

Diagnostic Trouble Code Reading and Clearing Capability
Available as an upgrade option at the time of purchase or anytime thereafter, we can enable your Elevate Performance Tuner handheld tuner to read and clear all Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) for the entire vehicle (not just the engine). Easy to use with fully detailed descriptions of the DTC's.

Your purchase of Elevate Performance Software Chip Tuning includes the Elevate Performance Tuner handheld tuner, USB cable, carrying case and instructions.

Custom Files: $190.00 per file

DTC Reading capability upgrade: $150.00








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