Elevate Volvo V70R Air Management System Air Intake


  • Optimized flow and materials for maximum power gains
  • Washable, long life reusable non-oiled Air Filter
  • Impressive underhood appearance and sound
  • Use with or without ELEVATE Hood Grille
  • Flow capable of supporting over 580hp
  • Easy installation-instructions and hardware included
  • Multiple configurations for Street, Track and Show
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The Elevate Volvo V70R Air Intake System (Air Management System, AMS) is an optimally engineered and manufactured performance intake for your Volvo to make maximum power. This Air Intake System increases throttle response and generates powerful sounds worthy of broadcasting. This system adds function to the Elevate Hood Grille (optional) by combining air drawn through it with the factory air snorkel to feed more air into your engine. This increases the engine's breathing capacity and lowers the incoming air temperature, which results in greater horsepower and torque. A byproduct of our free flowing design is an addictive sound under full throttle and throttle lift as the boosted air is redirected by the diverter valve. The sound is best heard when the Air Intake System is combined with our Hood Grille.

This is not a simple "stick an open element air filter on and call it a cold air intake" kit. Common kits end up being "hot air intakes" as the filter is located under hood with insufficient shielding of under hood heat. The result of an under engineered system such as that can be reduced engine performance and potential drivability issues.

The Elevate Air Intake System consists of a precision-formed high temperature plastic housing that seals to the underside of the hood, eliminating air filter exposure to hot, under hood air. It features a unique, integrated air chamber to smooth air delivery into the intake tract and uses a custom designed Elevate Air Filter. The included blue Elevate Air Filter element is a long lasting, washable and reusable non-oil design. Traditional oiled air filters will contaminate the MAF Sensor and lead to poor performance and a failed MAF sensor (costing you money). The system is designed to support over 580hp and is capable of flowing over 930 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) of air, over three times the air volume required for the Volvo 2.5L engine.

Power gains are noticeable even when used without the Elevate Hood Grille, utilizing only the factory snorkel. This is accomplished by an increase of fresh air exposure to the filter from the factory snorkel plus a significant opening below the filter. The increased area around the filter allows better breathing, and incoming air is better managed as it is funneled into the intake tract. Additionally, a removable window has been integrated in to the front of the box for your track day events. Removal of the front left headlamp assembly provides a perfect positive pressure entry for air straight to the filter, totaling four air entries to the Air Filter. For those with the optional Hood Grille, water drainage is incorporated into the design of the box to eliminate risk of water ingestion by the engine (Water Repellent Cover is required for filter protection).

Significant versatility has been designed into our AMS to meet the needs of performance street, show and race events.

Installation is a simple bolt-on procedure replacing the factory air box assembly with no drilling or other modifications to your vehicle required (excluding optional Hood Grille).

The AMS comes complete with instructions, hardware, and the Standard Elevate Air Filter.

This and other Elevate products may not be legal for use on some road vehicles. Check local laws.

For those running the optional ELEVATE Hood Grille, it is required that a Water Repellent Cover for the Air Filter be used at all times to prevent possible water ingestion by the engine.

Optional accessories include:

  • Standard Air Filter (Replacement)
  • Standard Air Filter Water Repellent Cover (required for use with optional Hood Grille to keep water from entering air filter through Hood Grille).
  • Race Air Filter: Dual layer T-304 Stainless Steel for maximum air flow and optimized power. FOR RACE TRACK OR SHOW USE ONLY.
  • Race Filter Water Repellent Cover (required for use with optional Hood Grille on potentially wet Track Events).
  • ELEVATE Hood Grille
  • ELEVATE Hood Grille Cover





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