Elevate Volvo V60 T5 Five Cylinder Performance Air Intake


  • Combines with the ELEVATE Turbo Intake Pipe to form a complete intake system
  • Power gains of over +7hp and +12ftlb (16 Nm) of torque increase at the wheels
  • Precision formed and powder coated 3.5″ aluminum
  • Large, washable and reusable dry air filter element
  • Water repellent cover for the air filter
  • Easy installation-everything included for a clean installation
  • Choice of three silicone hose colors
  • Made in USA
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The ELEVATE Volvo V60 T5 Air Intake is engineered and constructed to provide maximum power and torque gains for the T5 engine. Can be used with or without the ELEVATE Turbo Intake Pipe. This is achieved by increasing both flow and capacity when compared to the stock air box.

Power gains are dependent on the state of tune of the engine, but even a mildly tuned engine will see a power gain of +7whp and +12ftlb of torque at the wheels. The higher the engine output, the more effective our Air Intake becomes as additional air flow is required by the engine.

We start with a high quality, washable and reusable dry air filter. The tapered oval design of our air filter element has almost 2.5 times the surface area of the stock panel air filter, allowing maximum air flow and larger area to filter the incoming air. The air filter is covered with a removable, washable water repellent cover which allows air to freely pass through, yet keeps water out. The water repellent cover also lengthens the time between air filter cleanings.

Our precision bent 3.5" diameter aluminum tube is has a bright silver powder coated finish inside and out to help reflect heat and stay looking great. We tested both 3" and 3.5" diameter piping and found the 3.5" pipe to make power that a 3" intake pipe simply couldn't. The pipe has a machined pin welded to attach the pipe to a factory mounting point on the lower inlet manifold for an easy, secure installation. The intake hose is connected to the MAF sensor using our silicone hose and included clamps. Your choice of silicone hose color in Blue, Red or Black.

The factory air box has mounting and cooling provisions for the ECU. Our Air Intake has a black powder coated aluminum bracket that mounts the ECU in the engine bay with plenty of air flowing over its cooling fins. We have tested this design for over three years with prolonged use in some of the hottest parts of California (outside temperatures over 110 degrees F, 43 degrees C), to prove to ourselves that the ECU has sufficient cooling. Additionally, we trust the Ford engineers who mount the ECU in a similar location WITHIN a plastic box (no direct air flowing through) on the famous and powerful Ford Focus RS which shares the T5 engine (albeit with a larger turbo).

Why not a "cold intake system"?

The cooler the air that reaches the combustion chamber, the better as cooler air is richer in oxygen to assist in the burn of the power stroke. Reality is, on a turbocharged vehicle, the importance of "cold" air is far less of a factor than on a normally aspirated vehicle. On a turbocharged vehicle, the incoming air is pressurized by the turbo, where it heats up significantly, then passes through an intercooler to be cooled back down before it passes the throttle body and enters the engine. On a normally aspirated vehicle, the air goes straight into the engine without being heated by the turbocharger. Our air filter is located low and in front of the engine behind the radiator, where a constant flow of air is fed as the car is at speed and even at a stop when the fan turns on. While the water temperature may be 180 degrees F (82 degrees C) inside the radiator, a radiator is not so efficient that it expels all of its heat to the ambient air passing through it. When at speeds over 15mph (24kph), there is sufficient ram air passing through the radiator that the actual air temperature increase by the heat being expelled by the air conditioning condenser and radiator is negligible.

Easy installation:

Installation is easily accomplished by the do-it-yourselfer with some automotive skill and hand tools. Premium hardware and detailed instructions are included.

This and other Elevate products may not be legal for use on some road vehicles. Check local laws.





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