Elevate Volvo V60 Performance Rear Sway Bar


  • Increased cornering ability–more fun to drive
  • 25.4mm diameter–optimal design
  • Quicker turn-in and more neutral handling
  • Includes polyurethane bushings and heavy duty brackets
  • Direct replacement for factory sway bar
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Tuned specifically to your Volvo V60 P3, the Elevate Rear Anti-Sway Bar keep your vehicle flat in the corners and increases vehicle control. Tire contact patch is maximized when you're at the limits. We have created a stronger and better engineered design that favors the enthusiast. Features increased stiffness over the factory sway bar.

An anti-sway bar is essentially a large lever designed to limit the roll angle of a car by using their torsional stiffness to resist the movement of one wheel moving up and the corresponding wheel on the other side of the car moving down. Connecting the two wheels (front to front, rear to rear) with an anti-roll bar causes the bar to twist, and body roll is reduced as a result. By properly engineering material (chrome-moly bar stock), diameter (25.4mm) and end link location of our ELEVATE Anti-Sway Bar, we are able to offer you a product that will greatly increase handling. Our design utilizes end tabs that are nearly TWICE as thick as the factory bar (and our competitors). Strength at this location is critical as that is the contact point that the bar interacts with the end link, which is connected to the lower control arm. Minimizing deflection at the end link maximizes performance.

Our bars use the factory mounting points and factory end links and include new polyurethane bushings and grease to further tighten handling. A durable powder-coat finish ensures corrosion resistance.

Fits Polestar models.

Proudly made in Arizona, USA.


  1. Matt (verified owner)

    Wow fellas, really love the rear sway bar! Makes this big “girl” feel much more confident in the twisties out here in Agoura Hills. I drive Cornell Rd to Mulholland every day on the way to work and will definitely amp up the fun factor. Tightened up the handling without being too harsh. Noticeable for sure yet subtle. Great job guys and thanks! 🙂

  2. Michael (verified owner)

    This bar transformed the car. This is the way the car should’ve been from Volvo. Greatly reduces understeer and improves cornering balance. Easy install. Old bar out, new bar in, in about 90 minutes in the driveway. Very few single things will improve the handling of your V60 as much as this.

  3. Oscar II

    This sway bar is easy to install, I did it in my driveway. It plants the rear of the car.

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