Elevate Volvo V60 Performance Braided Stainless Steel Brake Hose Set (PARTIAL KIT)


  • Enhanced brake pedal feel for optimal control
  • Two Kits offered: PARTIAL and COMPLETE, this is the PARTIAL
  • Department of Transportation (DOT) Approved
  • Five layer construction, starting with extruded Teflon
  • Operating pressure of 1,750psi, burst pressure of 7,000psi
  • Direct replacement for factory brake hoses
  • Highest quality available
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The ELEVATE Volvo V60 Performance Braided Stainless Steel Brake Hose (Line) PARTIAL kit optimizes braking performance. Brake pedal feel is enhanced, offering better modulation and confidence when braking. While factory rubber hoses expand as the brakes are applied, our lines transfer the fluid force to the caliper pistons-where it belongs.

Elevate uses premium, five layer brake hose which all but eliminates any expansion in the flexible brake hose section. Construction of our hoses starts with an inner layer of extruded Teflon, covered with woven Kevlar, which has a barrier wrap around it. This barrier wrap is then surrounded with a braid of 303 stainless steel, which then has a clear PVC covering to protect the line and materials the line may come in contact with. Our hoses have a working pressure of 1,750psi and a burst pressure of 7,000psi. As a point of reference, modern cars operate at maximum pressures of around 1,200psi. Our lines are DOT approved, making them legal for use on the street. Our lines are impervious to ozone which breaks down rubber hoses over time.  This all but eliminates hose expansion under pressure for optimal performance. All lines are custom made to the correct lengths with proper fittings on each end. 

For non-Polestar V60's, Elevate offers two kits: "Partial" and "Complete". This is the PARTIAL kit. Please read below and view images to understand the difference between the two kits that we offer so that you can choose which is best for your application. Volvo V60 Polestar models require a unique kit, which can be found on the Elevate website.

The front brake hoses on the Volvo P3 cars are a traditional design, with a few variants in lengths of hose depending on the application. The challenge with brake hoses for the P3 cars is at the rear, where Volvo used a unique approach to plumbing and allowing for suspension movement. At the front of the rear suspension arm, Volvo uses a section of rubber hose attached to a section of hard line. This hard line follows the suspension arm to the top of the hub, where it meets a section of rubber hose which connects to the brake caliper. Elevate has created a unique solution by offering two kits for the P3 cars, which we refer to on our website as “Partial” and “Complete”. Both kits include the front hoses specific to the vehicle. Where our partial and complete kits differ is at the rear. Our Partial kit includes the front hoses and in the rear, only the short sections of hose between the factory hard line on the rear suspension arm and the caliper. The Partial kit is a bit easier to install, has performance benefits, and replaces the section of hose that is most visible through the wheel. The Partial kit retains the short sections of factory rubber hoses. For those that are looking for optimal performance, we offer our Elevate Complete brake hose kit. This kit includes the front hoses, the rear most hoses as in the partial kit, and hoses to replace the short rubber hose and hard line section on the suspension arm. The Complete kit is absolutely optimized for the application, replaces all flexible rubber hoses, and looks amazing once installed. 





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