Elevate Volvo V50 T5 External Oil Cooler


  • Optimal design keeps engine oil cool for maximum performance and increased engine/turbo life.
  • Premium, large Setrab Oil Cooler
  • US-made oil fittings, hoses and bracket
  • Increases system oil capacity to 7.5 quarts
  • Silicone coolant bypass hose available in Black, Blue or Red
  • Includes all hardware, gaskets, and instructions
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The ELEVATE Volvo V50 T5 External Oil Cooler is a complete system that helps keep oil temperatures cool, which can translate into more power and less stress on your engine and turbo. ELEVATE uses premium components and solid design to create an external oil cooler system that meets the demands of the enthusiast. The addition of our Oil Cooler increases the capacity of your oil system from five to seven and a half quarts. The more oil circulating in the engine, the more heat the oil can dissipate.

From the factory, the T5 engine has a heat exchanger that does help keep oil temperatures in check. Oil is routed through a "cooler" which also has engine coolant circulating through it. The benefit of this design is that it is compact and cost effective for the factory to include in their overall vehicle design and component packaging. The down side to this design is that as a car is pushed hard, both the engine oil and coolant temperatures rise, and the overly hot coolant is not able to effectively keep the oil temperature in check.

Our solution is to remove the factory "oil cooler" and replace it with an adapter plate, fittings, hoses, and large capacity oil cooler mounted behind the upper main grille, in front of the radiator.

While there are cheap oil coolers available for 1/3 of the price, we chose to use a Setrab oil cooler. Manufactured in Sweden, Setrab is an OE supplier to Aston-Martin, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and the tuning arms of top German auto makers. You get what you pay for, and we've heard too many horror stories about cheap oil coolers failing or not being able to flow sufficiently, ultimately restricting oil flow to your engine.

To enable the Volvo T5 engine to run an external oil cooler, we created a simple, strong, 1" thick aluminum adapter that is precision machined for a perfect seal and will not warp over time. New factory oil seals are included for a trouble free installation. We chose to use US-made fittings and hoses throughout to assure optimal performance and longevity. Cheaper fittings and hoses are available, but they do not flow as well nor have as tight of tolerances as the fittings we select. The oil cooler, fittings, and hoses are all black for a clean, professional installation. Mounting the Setrab oil cooler is accomplished with our unique bracket which allows for a vibration free installation of the oil cooler.

To effectively "loop" the two coolant lines that were feeding the stock oil cooler, we created a high quality silicone bypass hose available in your choice of Black, Blue or Red.

All hardware and gaskets are included with comprehensive instructions. As part of the installation, you will be draining the engine oil (recommend to change oil filter at the same time) and some of the coolant.





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