Elevate Volvo V50 3″ Performance Sport Exhaust System (AWD)


  • Gain of +13 HP and +12 lb-ft (16Nm) of toque at the wheels
  • True Catalytic Converter Back System with 3″ Diameter
  • Proprietary Muffler and Resonator Design
  • Dual Outlet, Polished Oval Tips
  • Fits Factory and ELEVATE Bumpers
  • Includes high quality gaskets, clamps and hardware
  • Easy installation
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The ELEVATE Volvo V50 T5 Performance Exhaust System has been completely designed in-house to absolutely maximize flow, increasing torque and horsepower throughout the power band. Dyno proven gains show +13hp and +12lbft of torque (both measured at the wheels) are accompanied by a great sound with just the right amount of exhaust snarl under acceleration. Creating a true catalytic converter-back system of 3" (76mm) diameter fully mandrel bent tubing is the only way to accomplish significant gains. Diameter is increased 26% over the factory system, yet weight is decreased over 8 lbs (3.6kg). A mere muffler replacement simply isn't the way to make power. We designed our muffler from the inside out specifically for the Volvo V50 taking into account engine displacement, flow characteristics, power levels, and sound attenuation to create a system with optimum power gains without excessive sound or droning in the interior while at cruising speeds. This simply cannot be accomplished using "off the shelf" components like most "tuners" use.

Our 3" diameter design maximizes power and torque. The stock exhaust is 2.3" (58mm), and most other competitor exhaust systems are 2.5" (63mm) diameter-simply not enough of a difference to extract maximum power from your Volvo.

Constructed entirely of T304 stainless steel for long lasting performance with thick flanges to eliminate exhaust leaks. All tubing features a semi-polished finish while the resonator, muffler and tips have a full polished finish for amazing looks. The system includes all components (gaskets and hardware) needed for installation and is of bolt-on construction. It is recommended that the three slip-fit and clamped sections have a tack weld or two applied to prevent anything from moving. Bolts directly to either the factory downpipe or the ELEVATE 3" Downpipe. Dual polished ELEVATE tips integrate with the factory rear bumper openings.

V50 2.4i fitment requires building a short extension to mate with the factory catalytic converter. This extension is easily built by any exhaust shop. Because the 2.4i does not have dual exhaust tips showing under the rear bumper, you must use either a rear lower bumper section from a T5 model or the ELEVATE Rear Diffuser.


  1. The_Blaze

    I was worried about my vehicle sounding like one of those annoying fly by tuners so I sat on getting an exhaust for a long time. I finally decided it was really time to free up the exhaust so I did the full elevate exhaust from the turbo back. On the very first start up after the install i knew I made the right choice. This exhaust has a nice low rumble but it’s not excessively loud. The car definitely has an aftermarket exhaust but it’s not overpowering. I can still hear my music in the cab. There was a noticeable increase in power and the turbo picks up a lot sooner. This full exhaust system is worth every penny.

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