Elevate Volvo Titanium Lug Nut SINGLE (M12x1.5, Conical Seat)


  • Strong, light titanium construction.
  • Less than 1/3 the weight of the factory lug nut
  • Single Lug Nut

Weight is the enemy of speed, and every little bit matters on a performance oriented car. With this is mind, Elevate designed and had contract manufactured our exclusive Titanium Lug Nuts for Volvo (and other) vehicles. Reducing critical unsprung weight right at the wheels helps improve braking, handling, and acceleration. Less weight equals less inertia.

Starting with certified GR5= Ti 6ai-4v titanium material, Elevate Lug Nuts undergo a multi-step machining process to create a product that is strong, light weight, and performs.

Our open ended nuts allow for longer studs to pass through and look race inspired. Titanium's natural durability and resistance to the environment will keep these lug nuts looking great under adverse conditions.

An Elevate "E" is laser etched on one side of each nut.

The finished product weighs under 1/3 the weight of the factory lug nut--success!

  • Factory Volvo Lug Nut: 2.1oz / 60g
  • Elevate Titanium Lug Nut: .6oz / 17g

Some Volvo factory lug nuts are a multi-piece product with an outer shell that often breaks off, leaving you with a nut that your 19mm socket easily strips. This is why we focused on creating a one-piece solution.

Fits factory and aftermarket wheels with 60 degree taper cone seat (not ball seat wheels).

This is a single lug nut.


M12x1.5, right hand thread, 60 degree conical seat, 17mm head

Torque to factory recommended specification.

Use anti-seize compound on threads.


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