Elevate Volvo P3 T6 Air Intake (3.0L Engine only) with Aluminum Pipe and FRP Heat Shield


  • Power gains, amazing sound, great under hood looks
  • Matte Black FRP heat shield
  • Precision formed and powder coated aluminum pipe
  • Dyno tested for maximum power gains
  • Large, blue, washable and reusable dry air filter element
  • Fits T6, R-Design, and Polestar models
  • Easy installation-everything included for a clean installation
  • For 3.0L Turbo Six Cylinder T6 engine only
  • Made in USA

The ELEVATE Volvo P3 3.0L T6 Air Intake is engineered and constructed to provide maximum power and torque gains for the T6 engine. Our design increases both air flow and capacity when compared to the stock air box. In addition to the added power, our Air Intake gives great intake sounds and awesome looks when you raise your hood. This system fits all 3.0L T6 models including R-Design and Polestar models.

We spent hours on a Mainline AWD dyno with multiple intake configurations to come to our final design. Power gains are dependent on the state of tune of the engine and what other flow enhancing components are installed, but even a mildly tuned engine will see a power gain of +7whp and +12ftlb of torque at the wheels.  The higher the engine output, the more effective our Air Intake becomes as additional air flow is required by the engine.

We start with a premium quality, washable and reusable dry air filter with a blue element. There are intakes on the market that use an old-school oiled air filter element which will quickly contaminate the sensitive MAF sensor as the oil is pulled through the air filter element. This oily deposit on the MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor will cause a poor signal to the computer, which decreases performance and ultimately will lead to a failed MAF sensor.  The tapered, round design of our air filter element has almost 2.5 times the effective surface area of the stock panel air filter, allowing maximum air flow and a larger area to filter the incoming air.  The air filter is covered with a removable, washable water repellent cover which allows air to freely pass through, yet keeps splashed water out of your intake tract.  The water repellent cover also lengthens the time between air filter cleanings by acting as a pre-filter.

Our precision bent aluminum tube is has a bright silver powder coated finish inside and out to help reflect heat, speed air flow, and stay looking great.  The pipe has a precision machined mounting base for the MAF sensor with stainless steel mounting hardware.

Metals tend to conduct heat and retain heat—not ideal for a heat shield. So, to make sure our heat shield performed optimally, we invested in molds to create a precision formed heat shield made with FRP (fiberglass). The FRP heat shield also serves to mount that intake pipe/air filter assembly. The matte black finish on the heat shield gives your car a clean, factory look. The factory fresh air pipe which draws air from behind the grille remains in place, giving additional fresh air directed at the air filter. The larger the area around the air filter to breathe, the better, and we’ve given the air filter lots of room to breathe!

Why not a “cold intake system”?

The cooler the air that reaches the combustion chamber, the better, as cooler air is richer in oxygen to assist in the burn of the power stroke.  Reality is, on a turbocharged vehicle, the importance of “cold” air is far less of a factor than on a naturally aspirated vehicle.  On a turbocharged vehicle, the incoming air is pressurized by the turbo, where it heats up significantly, then that boosted and heated air passes through an intercooler to be cooled back down before it passes the throttle body and enters the engine.  On a normally aspirated vehicle, the air goes straight into the engine without being heated by a turbocharger.  Our air filter is located away from engine heat and has the factory fresh air pipe directing air to the air filter element. Under hood “hot air” build up is not an issue on modern Volvos. When at speeds 10mph (16kph) and higher, there is sufficient ram air passing through the engine bay that under hood temps are essentially the same as the outside, ambient temperature.

Please note that this item is only for the 3.0L turbo six cylinder engine. Refer to under hood images and compare to your engine to make certain this is the “T6” engine that you have in your Volvo.

Easy installation: 

Installation is easily accomplished by the do-it-yourselfer with some automotive skill and hand tools in about ten minutes.  Premium hardware and detailed instructions are included. You can visit YouTube and look up “Elevate Volvo P3 T6 Air Intake Installation” to see how easy it is to install.

This and other Elevate products may not be legal for use on some road vehicles. Check local laws.





  1. Jonathan (verified owner)

    I bought this Air Intake a few months ago and it is awesome! While it did take a few weeks to be shipped to my house It was very much worth it and the sound of the turbo sucking in air is absolutely insane, completely transformed my S80 Polestar’s response, sound, and engine bay. Quality is overall good but 400 dollars for a metal tube, a plastic shield, and a washable filter is a bit expensive, but I do not regret spending the money! Awesome starter mod for any T6 S80! If you would like to see videos of the intake to hear it or if you have any questions, feel free to message me on my instagram @S80_Polestar

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