Elevate Volvo S60 Aerodynamic Sport Front Bumper (2001 to 2007 Only)


  • Unique styling sets your car apart
  • Large openings provide better cooling to radiator, intercooler and brakes
  • Made from resilient PUR-RIM polyurethane
  • Uses factory mounting points
  • Shipped ready to prime and paint

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The ELEVATE Volvo S60 Aerodynamic Front Bumper will take your Volvo to new levels of style and performance. Manufactured from quality, flexible PUR-RIM polyurethane just as the factory pieces, our parts will stand the test of time. The Aerodynamic Front Bumper completely replaces the factory front bumper skin, not just another cheap lip spoiler. Uniquely styled to give your Volvo a bit more of a sporting attitude. Larger grille and lower valance openings feed more air to the radiator and intercooler while the functional side openings cool the front brakes. Our bumper is only .75" (19mm) lower than the factory S60R bumper, and offers .5" (13mm) more clearance that the S60R Sport Package. The ELEVATE Front Bumper is shipped with the headlight wiper arms deleted, but are easily slotted for use with factory headlight washers if desired. Uses factory mounting points for easy installation with no drilling required. Shipped ready to prime and paint.

Uniquely styled ELEVATE Grilles complete the performance look and are sold separately.

ELEVATE styling products are manufactured of PUR-RIM elastomer polyurethane and require standard preparation, priming and painting, as with any factory or aftermarket component.

Because of the size of the bumper, additional shipping charges may apply.

Attaches directly to 2003 to 2007 S60R and V70R. Fitting the Front Bumper to a 2001 to 2007 S60 or V70 requires the below front bumper support pieces from a 2004 S60R to mount our bumper:

Volvo Parts Required for fitting to a non-R:

86625613 (Qty. 1) - Rear Section

86937133 (Qty. 1) - Support

86629011 (Qty. 1) - Absorber

39976863 (Qty. 1) - R Bumper Tow Cap





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