Elevate Volvo S40 T5 Performance Inlet Manifold Replacement Gasket


  • Replacement Gasket for use between Elevate Inlet Manifold and factory lower manifold
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The ELEVATE Performance Inlet Manifold Gasket is a replacement for the gasket included with our Inlet Manifold. Precision die cut material is coated for a lasting seal. For use only with the ELEVATE Performance Inlet Manifold, this gasket is for use between the Inlet Manifold and factory lower manifold.


  1. MyNameIdeasWereTaken

    I have this gasket with my Elevate intake manifold and absolutely love it the design and quality. I have also purchased this gasket to use with other aftermarket manifolds, which suggested reusing the stock rubber rings. Definitely good quality, 120k problem free miles so far!

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