Elevate Volvo Performance Ignition Coil #30713417 / #8677837


  • Direct plug and play replacement for Volvo #30713417 / #8677837
  • Increased spark energy and dwell compared to stock coils
  • Maximize engine performance and mileage
  • One year, Unlimited Mileage Warranty
  • Sold as individual units (eaches)

If you're looking for maximum performance and mileage from your Volvo, look no further than the ELEVATE Volvo Performance Ignition Coils for many five cylinder Volvo engines. A direct replacement for Volvo #30713417 / #8677837, this ignition coil produces optimal spark energy to maximize performance, meaning your Volvo will be running at its best. Don't let your aging, weak ignition coils hold you back from enjoying your vehicle to the fullest. With our high-quality construction and attention to detail, you can be sure your engine will be LITERALLY firing on all cylinders! Increased spark energy and longer spark dwell allow for more complete combustion.

Elevate has evaluated many "performance" ignition coils from several sources over the decades. Most are no better than factory coils, and some actually do deliver more spark, but to the detriment of greatly (and needlessly) increasing combustion chamber temperatures. Our ignition coil design strikes the right balance of increased performance without introducing unnecessary and unproductive heat. We believe in our tested and proven design so much that we offer a one year, unlimited mileage warranty. This is unheard of for an ignition component, which is considered a "wearing" part.

Many times we've had customers install our Performance Software and come back with, "I'm now getting a misfire code." The reason for this is that weak, aging ignition coils are able to (just barely!) light off the air/fuel mixture in the combustion chamber with stock/factory boost. As our Performance Software increases boost pressure for added performance, and subsequently increases combustion chamber pressure, it takes a stronger spark to light off the mixture, and failing coils simply aren't up to the task and can misfire. If your ignition coils have more than 30,000 miles on them, they are candidates for replacement. Naturally, this is also a good time to replace the spark plugs (we recommend factory spark plugs ONLY) as they are likely aging also. Too large of a gap on your spark plugs (from incorrect gapping upon installation or worn electrodes) will cause your ignition coils to work harder and fail sooner without a performance advantage, so make sure you run factory recommended gaps. A failed ignition coil in your Volvo can lead to anything from an intermittent misfire to a car that won't start.

Our ignition coils are absolutely plug and play. Once the plastic engine covers are removed, installation takes literally minutes. Simply unplug the electrical connector, remove the coil retaining/grounding bolt (8mm head), pull the old coil out, push the Elevate coil into place, reinstall the bolt and plug back in the electrical connector. Done.

Sold as individual units. It is best to replace all five ignition coils at the same time for optimal performance. These ignition coils have applications for many turbo and naturally aspirated Volvo five and six cylinder engines used from 1999 to 2016. Check your application to make sure your Volvo is currently equipped with coil part number #30713417 or #8677837.

Performance Comparison:

Primary Current
New Volvo Coil: 8.0A
Elevate Coil: 10.0A

Secondary Load
New Volvo Coil: 38KV
Elevate Coil: 43KV

Discharge Time (milliseconds)
New Volvo Coil: 1.39ms
Elevate Coil: 1.48ms

Ignition Energy (millijoule)
New Volvo Coil: 38mJ
Elevate Coil: 40mJ

Performance Ignition Coil 30713417




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