Elevate Volvo P3 3.0L T6 Air Intake J-Pipe (Resonator Delete) SILVER


  • Optimal design and construction for maximum power gains
  • Replaces the factory “resonator”
  • Precision formed aluminum tubing
  • Thermal coating helps block and reflect heat
  • Direct replacement for factory pipe at the turbo
  • Includes black silicone hose

The ELEVATE Volvo P3 Air Intake J-Pipe is engineered to provide maximum power and torque for the 3.0L T6 engine. This is achieved by increasing both flow and capacity of the "J" shaped pipe between the factory intake pipe and the turbocharger. The factory "J pipe" has a resonator section integrated to reduce intake sound. While searching Volvo part number 30757872, Volvo names the part a "Resonator". This “Resonator” section creates turbulence and restricts flow just before the turbo inlet.

Although the factory pipe between the MAF Sensor and the “Resonator” section has some unique shapes, the inside diameter remains much greater than the inside diameter of the turbocharger inlet, so there is no restriction in flow. Therefore, in Elevate’s testing, this factory pipe has no benefit in being replaced.

Made in the USA of mandrel bent aluminum construction, Elevate’s design allows greater and unrestricted air flow into the turbo, yielding more power and quicker turbo response. A bright silver thermal coating reflects heat and helps keep the intake charge cool. The black plastic factory pipe absorbs under hood heat, creating a loss in power. High quality black 4-ply silicone hoses with clamps are included to complete the installation.

Comprehensive installation instructions are included.

This and other Elevate products may not be legal for use on some road vehicles. Check local laws.


  1. Warp.Routine

    I like this pipe, it’s solid and mostly fits well. I found that on my 2010 XC60 (first revision t6) the pipe is prevented from fitting perfectly flush with the turbo because the outside radius of the bend contacts the frame. It’s a tough spot to work in, even with the pcv and firewall removed. After “installing” a very slight sent in the radius, a lot of fighting, and some bad language I was able to get it in place only about 4* away from flush. The turbo noise is very welcome, overall I’d buy it again but I wish there could be a flat spot “engineered” on the pipe to cause less turbulence than my dent.

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