Elevate Volvo P1 (C30, S40, V50, C70) Performance Front Brake Calipers: FOUR Piston Calipers, 320mm Rotors


  • Four Piston calipers increase clamping force over single piston factory calipers.
  • For use with factory or aftermarket 320mm rotors
  • Dust sealed pistons for use in all environments
  • Lightweight calipers reduce unsprung weight by over 9.5lbs (4.3kg) per side (depending on vehicle original equipment).
  • Shorter stopping distances and reduced brake fade.
  • Excellent braking modulation.
  • Integrates with factory ABS system.
  • Bolt-on installation with hand tools-no cutting or drilling required.

The ELEVATE Volvo P1 (C30, S40, V50, C70N) Four Piston Front Brake Caliper Upgrade offers increased stopping capability with style at a reasonable price along with dust sealed pistons for use in all environments.  Designed for the enthusiast, our system is tested and proven to perform, while keeping the cost in check by retaining the factory 320mm rotors. For those with 300mm rotors from the factory, combining these calipers with the larger 320mm rotors is an easy, bolt-on upgrade.  Consisting of high quality components, engineered to operate synergistically to shorten stopping distances and reduce brake fade under hard use.  Reduction of un-sprung weight allows the wheel and suspension to react quicker, creating better handling. The System is a straightforward bolt-on installation replacing the factory calipers, pads and brake lines.

The ELEVATE Four Piston Front Brake Caliper Upgrade includes:
Lightweight, Powerful Four Piston Calipers
The key to weight savings in our System.  The Wilwood-sourced four-piston calipers are lightweight, superbly-engineered, and provide significant clamping power. Compared to single piston Volvo brake calipers, our four piston calipers press on both sides of the rotors evenly and simultaneously.  This translates into brake application that is quicker and more positive, and gives much better feel and control under threshold braking. The strong, rigid caliper body features dust boots to seal the pistons for use in adverse conditions. Included are Wilwood Performance Street pads which are quiet and fairly low dusting when compared with other performance oriented brake pads.  Other pad compounds are available from ELEVATE or Wilwood, and pad changes literally take just minutes.  The calipers feature a glossy black finish with "Wilwood" imprinted, but are available custom painted--contact ELEVATE for details.
High Quality Hardware
Our rigid, billet caliper mounting brackets provides a secure mounting point and utilize factory mounting bolts.  Top quality braided stainless steel brake lines with grommets attached connect your new calipers with the factory hard brake lines.
The ELEVATE Front Brake System will fit under most any factory 17" or 18" wheels and most any aftermarket wheel of similar or larger diameter.  The Wilwood caliper is very trim and stays within the same fitment window as your stock calipers with 300mm rotors.
To complement the calipers, ELEVATE separately offers matching slotted and plated front and rear rotors.

Brake rotors are not included.

NOTE: Most Volvo P1 cars (C30, S40, V50, C70N) come equipped from the factory with 320mm rotors. Measure the outside diameter of your front rotors to ensure fitment. Some Volvo models are equipped with smaller 300mm rotors in front. Elevate offers kits for both 300mm and 320mm rotors.


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