Elevate Volvo / Ford Turbo Five Cylinder Performance Engine Cylinder Sleeves (OPEN DECK) Set of Five


  • The foundation for a strong, powerful engine
  • High strength, precision machined ductile iron
  • Allows for higher boost without cylinders cracking
  • Creates a more rigid block plus increased head gasket sealing
  • Capable of supporting 1,000hp+
  • Optimized designs for maximum cooling and strength
  • Use for the Street or the Track
  • Cast and machined in the USA

Elevate Open Deck Performance Engine Sleeves are the solution for the enthusiast building or repairing their Volvo or Ford turbo five cylinder engine to prevent the common cylinder wall cracking, prevalent with these engines and to gain maximum performance. Manufactured to our specification in the USA, both variants of our ductile iron cylinder sleeves will hold up under the elevated cylinder pressures created by higher boost, increased compression ratios, and nitrous oxide injection. We offer both “Open Deck” and “Closed Deck” designs to best meet the needs of our customer’s build plans. Elevate Performance Engine Sleeves are the foundation for a potent and reliable engine. Suitable for use on the street or the track.

The Problem: While the Volvo / Ford 2.5L five cylinder engine is a very efficient and powerful design, it carries an inherent flaw that can present itself on both stock and modified applications. The problem being cracked cylinders. A cracked cylinder creates a steam engine (coolant being introduced into the combustion chamber) in the short term and then to an engine failure shortly thereafter. As you consider the design of the cylinder block, cylinder head, and piston, the majority of the heat is focused right at the intersection of the three during the combustion stroke. A quick web search of Volvo / Ford engine failures will generate a long list of pictures of cracked cylinders, especially right at the top, between two adjoining cylinders.

The factory manufacturing process of “cast in sleeves” involves very thin cylinder sleeves cast in place as they cast the aluminum block. While this is a cost effective means of manufacturing, it creates a design that is just strong enough for the application. Once the block is subjected to higher power output, high mileage, or an overheating situation, the stock cylinders lack stability at the top of the deck where the cylinder interfaces with the head gasket and head, they crack.

The Solution: Elevate has partnered with LA Sleeve, a family owned business with a proud tradition of manufacturing cylinder sleeves for thousands of automotive, motorsport and industrial applications since 1945. Elevate and LA Sleeve created two variants of cylinder sleeves for the 2.5L five cylinder engine to maximize power and reliability. Both Open Deck and Close Deck sleeves are manufactured about fifteen miles away from the Elevate headquarters to our specification. Starting with centrifugally spun (to eliminate voids in the casting) cast iron cylinders that are made to LA Sleeve’s specification in the USA, LA Sleeve takes the castings through a multi-stage process of machining the cylinder sleeves for a perfect fit.

Unlike competitive designs that rely on o-rings and sealant to keep the coolant separated from the oil between the cylinder and block, our interference fit (sometimes referred to as “press fit”) design creates better engagement between the cylinder sleeve and block, increasing thermal transfer and making for a stronger overall block. The block machining required for our sleeve designs is much easier than the machining required to fit competitor’s designs. At the top of the cylinder where it contacts the head gasket, our design has a wider ridge, creating more surface area for the head gasket to engage and seal to. The additional thickness of the cylinder wall prevents cracking and more effectively manages heat at this critical point.

Coolant interacting with the cylinders is critical to proper engine cooling. Our design takes this into great consideration by managing coolant flow around the cylinders. Fins are machined into the cylinder walls to increase surface area for added cooling. We machine in details for optimal cooling at the hottest point at the top of the cylinders.

Open Deck or Closed Deck? Both the Open Deck and Closed Deck designs are good for up to 1,000hp on a properly built and tuned engine. LA Sleeve has Honda four cylinder customers making over 1,500hp on these designs. The Open Deck design allows for slightly better cooling, whereas the Closed Deck design offers an even stronger overall design by engaging the top of the cylinder sleeves with the top of the block. Our Closed Deck design has more block engagement at the top of the cylinder than competitive designs. Both designs have machined in features to nest with the cylinder next to it for greater overall strength. For more details about the two designs, click the “Videos” tab and view the video titled “Elevate Performance Engine Sleeves Demo Block Sleeve Type Comparison”.

Sleeves are delivered with a standard bore of 83mm and block machining instructions. Overbore up to 85mm is available at additional cost (contact Elevate).

Elevate also offers cylinder sleeve installation in your block. See website for details.


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