Elevate Volvo Ford Five Cylinder Titanium Bolt Plastic Engine Valve Cover Set (Set of 8)


  • High-tech, Custom Titanium Hardware
  • Set of EIGHT Titanium M6 Cover Bolts
  • Strong, light titanium construction
  • Will not rust
  • 45% lighter than factory
  • 8mm, 12pt. head for beauty
  • Looks great for years to come
  • Reduced 1/4 mile time by .00008 seconds!

Give your Volvo or Ford five cylinder engine a touch of high-tech beauty with our Titanium Engine Cover Bolts!

Weight is the enemy of speed, and every little bit matters on a performance oriented car. With this is mind, Elevate designed and had contract manufactured our exclusive Elevate Titanium Bolt Plastic Engine Valve Cover Set for Volvo five cylinder engines. Less weight equals quicker acceleration, deceleration, and direction changes. In fact, replacing the factory steel cover bolts with a set of Elevate Titanium Cover bolts will reduce your 1/4 mile time by .00008 seconds!

We duplicated the unique factory bolt length and shoulder design to correct fitment to your plastic engine cover. In an effort to create a truly beautiful piece of hardware, we made the bolts with a 12pt. 8mm head. Check your tool box to make sure you have an 8mm 12pt. socket, and if not, you can order one from us (sold separately). Titanium's natural durability and resistance to the environment will keep these bolts looking great under adverse conditions for years!

Starting with certified GR5= Ti 6ai-4v titanium material, Elevate M6 Cover Bolts undergo a multi-step machining process to create a product that is strong, light weight, and performs.

The finished product weighs about half the weight of the factory cover bolts--success!

  • Factory set of Volvo M6 Cover Bolts: 74.2g / 2.62oz
  • Elevate set of Titanium M6 Cover Bolts: 39.4g / 1.39oz

This is a set of EIGHT Titanium M6x20 Cover Bolts. For use on Five Cylinder engines found in Volvo P80, P1, P2, and P3 chassis along with many Ford five cylinder engines. Compare your engine to those in the pictures to ensure correct application


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