Elevate Volvo C70 Engine Torque Mount


  • Controls excessive drivetrain movement for added performance
  • Easy, direct replacement for factory Torque Mount
  • Engineered for optimal performance without excessive vibration
  • Produces faster shifts, quicker launches, and reduced wheel hop
  • Made in USA from premium quality materials

The ELEVATE Volvo C70 Engine Torque Mount (rear transmission mount) is like an anchor for your Volvo drivetrain. Our design controls excessive drivetrain movement for optimal performance. The factory torque mount is made of aluminum and rubber, and has large air gaps which eliminate vibration, and keep the engine/transmission somewhat controlled. However, these air gaps combined with soft rubber allows significant fore-aft movement of the engine/transmission assembly in relation to the chassis. This excessive drivetrain movement results in sloppy shifts, wheel hop, slow launches, and the customary "bang" when speed shifting a manual equipped vehicle.

ELEVATE has created the perfect solution to controlling drivetrain movement without excessive harshness or vibration at idle (as competitive products do). We start with solid billet aluminum and precision machine it. The machined housing is then clear anodized for lasting protection. Inside the housing resides our spec polyester bushings, which are available in Sport and optional Race versions. The Engine Torque Mount comes with the Sport version which is ideal for daily driven use and in most sport driving conditions. The optional Race version is very firm, and all but eliminates any drivetrain movement for track time. The Race Bushings are not recommended for daily driven use as significant engine vibration is transmitted to the chassis and would be uncomfortable at idle. You can change between the two bushings easily, retaining the aluminum housing.

There are other products on the market that replace the factory torque mount. Our evaluation of each shows a critical error in design-the amount of drivetrain movement allowed or disallowed. Too much drivetrain movement and you have little benefit over the factory part. Too little drivetrain movement and you will experience dramatic (and uncomfortable) vibration throughout the chassis. If this is what you desire for a track event, use our Race bushings. You (and your passenger) will not enjoy the Race bushing if driven on a daily driven basis. Our design has over twice the amount of suspended area between the center mount and housing compared to the competition. This allows some movement to eliminate vibration, but controls excessive movement. Proper durometer calculations of both bushing versions create optimal results.

The ELEVATE Engine Torque Mount installs easily in less than twenty minutes and is a direct replacement for the factory component. Included are thorough instructions, top quality hardware and thread locking compound.





  1. MyNameIdeasWereTaken

    With the Elevate mount installed, everything feels a bit smoother and firmer right from the start up.

    When stomping on the throttle from a stand still, the car does not skip at all. Traction is improved because the transmission remains planted, which in turn, helps keeps the front drive wheels on the ground.

    I personally consider an upgraded torque mount as a necessity for anyone seeking performance out of their P1 Volvo.

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