Elevate Volvo C30 T5 Polished Port Lower Inlet Manifold


  • Smooth, Polished Ports optimize air flow, yielding maximum power
  • Proprietary Abrasive Flow Media machining makes intake ports far smoother than any hand finishing/porting processes
  • Power gains of up to +11hp and +13ftlb (17 Nm) of torque increase
  • Ports are gasket matched to ELEVATE Performance Inlet Manifold
  • Direct replacement for the factory lower inlet manifold
  • Precision machined in the USA
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The ELEVATE Volvo C30 T5 Polished Port Lower Intake Manifold optimizes airflow into your engine, yielding gains of both horsepower and torque. Ideal for the individual looking to extract every bit of power possible. The lower intake manifold is the final component that boosted air passes through before entering the cylinder head. Our Abrasive Flow Media (AFM) process polishes the ports, removing the rough cast finish, maximizing air volume, flow and velocity. The inlet of the Polished Port Lower Intake Manifold is gasket matched to the ELEVATE Performance Inlet Manifold, creating a powerful combination.

An individual using a variety of rotating carbide cutters and/or sandpaper rolls to remove material and polish the ports cannot create a consistent, smooth even finish across all five ports. The Abrasive Flow Media (AFM) process uses a putty-like polymer media that is impregnated with fine abrasives. The abrasive laden media is forced through the ports at very high pressure multiple times. By forcing the abrasive putty through the ports, inner wall material is removed at a controlled rate, leaving the surface optimally smooth, polished, and restriction free.

This unit is sold on an exchange basis. When an order is placed, we ship you a Port Polished Lower Inlet Manifold ready to install. After installation, you then return your stock lower inlet manifold (return shipping is included in the purchase price within 48 US states, contact Elevate for arrangements to other locations) to Elevate and that unit is inspected, cleaned, machined, and readied for the next customer. Purchase includes the Lower Inlet Manifold, factory gasket between the lower intake manifold and head, and replacement hose clamp. The gasket between the ELEVATE Performance Inlet Manifold and Port Polished Lower Inlet Manifold is sold separately (as not all customers will be using the ELEVATE Performance Inlet Manifold). There is a $425.00 core charge which is processed in addition to the $677.00. The $425.00 core charge is refunded when we receive your stock lower inlet manifold in good condition.

Installation is easily accomplished by the do-it-yourselfer with some automotive skill and hand tools. Installation requires removal of the inlet manifold and fuel injectors.


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