Elevate Volvo C30 Rear Chassis Brace (REMOVABLE Style)


  • Stiffens and strengthens rear chassis
  • Easily remove cross bar in less than one minute
  • Increased cornering ability
  • Do-it-yourself installation
  • Combines with the Elevate Rear Sway Bar for excellent handling
  • Made in USA from premium quality materials
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For those that want to optimize the cornering ability of their Volvo C30, the Elevate Rear Chassis Brace is a must. Volvo designed an excellent chassis with the P1 cars. However, one disadvantage the C30 has when compared to the S40 sedan, is that the C30 lacks any means of connecting the rear suspension mounting points to each other, from side to side. As you can see in these images looking in the rear trunk of an S40, there is significant bracing to connect the two suspension mounting areas to form a rigid chassis, which translates to better handling. The C30 has better load carrying ability than the S40 due to its large, open area, but loses some chassis rigidity as a result of the open design.

Elevate has two solutions to stiffen the rear chassis area—our Fixed Rear Chassis Brace and our Removable Rear Chassis Brace. Installation and effectiveness for the two variants is essentially the same. As their names imply, the difference lies in the cross bar staying fixed in place, or the ability for the cross bar to be easily removed, allowing for larger load carrying. Both braces mount behind the rear seat latches, using the factory bolts. You will need to cut the carpet to mount the bracket for either version, but this is not visible with the rear seats in their usual upright position.

The removable brace uses high strength, formed steel mounting end brackets. The cross brace is made of 1.5” DOM roll cage material which is TIG welded to high quality steel mounting clamps. After construction, the brackets are powder coated matte black, and the cross bars are powder coated your choice of Silver, Matte Black or Blue. Once the end brackets are mounted, use the included Allen wrench installs or removes the cross bar in less than a minute.

The 10" Elevate decals (shown in some pictures) are optional and may be ordered separately.

Combining our C30 Rear Chassis Brace with our Rear Anti Sway Bar creates a system that optimizes the cornering ability of your C30.

Installation instructions included.

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  1. Rich

    Definitely should be installed with anti sway bar upgrade. This is the perfect companion for your anti sway bar upgrade. My grandson who is a amateur racer did a before and after test of the anti sway bar upgrade and add of the rear chassis brace.. He was impressed with the significant improvement in handling. This combination eliminates under-steer and gives the car a more neutral feel which improves overall handling. The car feels much tighter after the install.. Instructions were excellent and the install went as described in the install video

  2. Charlie

    Hands down, this is the best part I have ever put on a car. I am 60 years old, so I have put on a few. I was always disappointed in my 2013 R Design as I felt the suspension was too stiff for the chassis. There was an annoying noise from the interior panels in the rear and I was close to pulling the back seat and the panels to try and quell the noise. This brace cures all of that noise and the rigidity is noticeable even at low speeds. Even standing still the whole car feels rock solid and I swear the stance even looks better. I still have not tested it over about 35 miles an hour and I am totally sold. Can’t wait to wring it out on some curves at higher speeds. Installation was fine, took about an hour.

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