Elevate Volvo C30 Rear Anti Sway Bar Horizontal Tabs


  • Increased cornering ability–more fun to drive
  • 25.4mm diameter–optimal design
  • Quicker turn-in and more neutral handling
  • Fast, easy installation with hand tools
  • Includes polyurethane bushings and heavy duty brackets
  • Direct replacement for factory sway bar
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Tuned specifically to your Volvo C30, the ELEVATE Rear Anti-Sway Bar will keep your vehicle flat in the corners and increase vehicle control. Tire contact patch is maximized when you are at the limits.  Stock factory rear sway bars range from 19mm to 21.5mm in diameter depending on vehicle options.  We have created a strong, 25.4mm (1") diameter bar to greatly increase the cornering ability of your Volvo.  Our testing has shown that a replacement front anti-sway bar is not necessary to achieve the driving characteristics desired, so we focused our efforts on optimizing the design of our Rear Anti-Sway Bar.  You will experience quicker turn in and more neutral handling with your vehicle having the ability to rotate better under heavy cornering.  Installation is very easy and will take the novice about one half hour to remove the stock bar and replace it with the upgraded ELEVATE bar.  The ELEVATE Rear Anti-Sway Bar is manufactured of solid chrome moly with thick, welded end links and finished with a durable powder coated finish for many years of use.   Your factory end links are retained, and high quality greaseable polyurethane bushings with ELEVATE specific metal brackets and grease are included.

Depending on the year and options of your Volvo C30, there are three styles of rear sway bars installed by the factory.  You will need to determine which is correct for your vehicle before ordering.   When viewing your factory rear sway bar from under the rear of your vehicle, locate the sway bar end link.  Your end link will attach to the sway bar in one of two ways:
Horizontal Tab: The mounting tab on the sway bar is horizontal / parallel to the ground.  The end link is straight and passes straight down through the sway bar.  The retaining nut is facing the ground.
Vertical Tab:  The mounting tab on the sway bar is vertical / perpendicular to the ground. The end link is a 90 degree right angle which passes through the bar.  The left and right side retaining nuts are facing each other.  If your C30 has Vertical Tabs, there are two variants based on the spacing between the sway bar bushings which attach the sway bar to the rear subframe.  Measure the space between the insides of the sway bar bushings to determine if the spacing is 17.5" (44.4cm) or 19" (48.2cm).  When ordering, be sure to select the bar with the correct spacing for your application.


  1. Pete (verified owner)

    After getting accustomed to my C30 for two years, I finally went ahead and purchased this sway bar. The first initial turn in is a huge improvement over the stock one! Before, cornering wasn’t the greatest… now it just eats them! The car is much more exciting to drive around back roads and pushing it to it’s limits!

  2. CJ (verified owner)

    What a difference to my T5 C30, I am running bigger/wider size tires and the rear end just sits down around corners, no more loose end.

    Can’t thank Don enough for all the great advise and outstanding service.

  3. MyNameIdeasWereTaken

    This bar completely transforms how the car feels both for commuting and aggressive driving. The stiffer rear bar discourages the understeer that these cars are so prone to doing. With an easy install and perfect fitment, all P1 Volvo owners should be upgrading to the Elevate rear sway bar.

  4. twincam

    Easy installation on my 2010 R Design. Transformed the handling from obvious understeer to more balanced. An unexpected benefit has been less camber change at the rear and better tire wear, even with more aggressive driving.

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