Elevate Volvo C30 GT Performance Exhaust System (2011-2013 R-Design only)


  • Direct bolt-on catalytic converter back system
  • Excellent power gains
  • Larger diameter piping and custom tailored muffler
  • Amazing sound quality for a proper sporting Volvo
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Easy, bolt-on installation
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The Elevate Volvo C30 GT Exhaust System for the T5 2.5L (turbo five cylinder engine) is a premium quality system that creates excellent torque and horsepower gains while making your C30 sound like the proper sporting enthusiast car that it is. Power gains are created by larger piping and a uniquely designed muffler section. This is a complete catalytic converter back system. Manufactured in the USA by Borla using T-304 austenitic stainless steel. The system features larger, round, polished stainless steel tips with a slash cut to give the rear of your C30 some added visual appeal to support the added power and sound.

Installation is a direct replacement for the factory system and requires no welding.

Bolts on to factory or Elevate Downpipe.

Fits 2011-2013 C30 R-Design only. The tip spacing is unique to the 2011-2013 C30 R-Design. This exhaust may be modified slightly by an exhaust shop to fit other C30 models by adjusting the placement of the exhaust tips. Only the tip locations need to be modified to fit other C30 T5 variants, every other aspect of fitment is identical.


  1. Jeff

    Like many C30 owners, I love the 5-cylinder sound but found the stock exhaust a bit too muted. My main concern with aftermarket exhausts was that it would be too loud all the time. This system is the perfect balance between “loud when you want it” and “quiet when you don’t”. No drone at highway cruise, but a massive smile will hit your face every time you mash that gas pedal. Love it.

  2. Minh

    Install was straightforward, however the tips don’t exactly line up for me. It’s very slight and not noticeable, but if you’re meticulous, adjust the hangers with some pliers and loosen+realign the pipe.

    It really wakes up the T5. With still a stock downpipe, the exhaust gurgles and pops when it’s cold. It idles quietly, it’ll start growling at 3k-4k RPM then starts screaming once you rip it.

    Very satisfied, get it.

  3. Bret

    Installed on my ’13 C30 RDesign with the Polestar tune, on jackstands in my garage.
    Removing the factory exhaust was a bear due to the usual corrosion/stuck fasteners, but once it was off, this system only took about 20 minutes to install, including a few minor tweaks to get the gaps even at the rear valance.
    Loving the sound. Near-factory quiet at idle, mellow at cruise with no drone, and accentuates that special 5-cylinder sound at WFO.
    Seems like an improvement to throttle response and spool-up, although I don’t have any data to back that up.
    Overall I highly recommend this exhaust to someone who wants to improve look, sound & performance without going full boy-racer.

  4. Garrett

    The Elevate GT performance exhaust system is the top dog of exhaust systems, hands down. If you want the best of the the best, this is it. The sound it produces is absolutely amazing and it’s a head turner. It has gurgles and pops and adds a serious punch to mid-high end torque. I can’t recommend it enough.

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