Elevate Volvo 2.0L Drive-E Four Cylinder Turbo Compressor Recirculating Valve (eCRV)


  • Optimal design and materials for maximum power and longevity
  • Strong solenoid maximizes boost pressure and power
  • Will not modify the emission or vacuum system in any way
  • Supports up to 25 psi (1.7 bar) turbo pressure
  • Will not cause any check engine lights
  • Direct replacement for the factory Compressor Recircluation Valve
  • Fits all Volvo Drive-E 2.0L turbocharged engines including Polestar models

The ELEVATE Volvo Drive-E 2.0L Compressor Recirculating Valve (CRV or eCRV) is a bit of engineering and manufacturing brilliance that will help keep your turbocharger functioning at its full potential, making maximum boost--and let it be heard. Co-developed and manufactured exclusively for ELEVATE by long time development partner Turbosmart, our CRV Blow Off Valve performs! Our robust solenoid and piston design is fast acting and designed to last. Our testing has found that the weak factory solenoid actually gets pushed open (unseated) as boost increases within the turbo compressor housing--actually acting as a bit of a torque limiter by limiting boost pressure. Our stout solenoid keeps the brass valve closed until the computer triggers the valve to open as the throttle is lifted to prevent the turbo from stalling. Our design goes even further. As soon as boost is generated, boost passes through a port to put pressure on TOP of the piston to keep it closed-- helping boost build faster, and, more importantly, achieve and hold maximum boost. The factory diaphragm relies only on a weak spring-- as boost builds, the factory valve creeps open, losing boost, torque and horsepower...

The ELEVATE recirculating CRV sounds the same as the stock unit. For those that want the "whoosh" / "pshhh" sound, take a look at our Dual Port design.

Unlike other "upgraded" CRV components that retain the weak link (the factory solenoid), the ELEVATE solution is a complete replacement for the factory CRV including the solenoid and a piston valve assembly in one compact, direct replacement unit. Fits all variants of Volvo 2.0L Drive-E turbocharged engines including the twin (supercharged and turbocharged) engines found in the T6 and Polestar models.

What is a Compressor Recirculation Valve (CRV)?

When your turbocharger is generating boost and you release the accelerator (closing the throttle), the boosted air essentially hits a wall (the closed throttle). The pressurized air must be redirected back into the intake of the turbo to prevent turbocharger damage (at the worst) or turbo lag (at the least). A Compressor Reciruculation Valve is activated by an electronic signal from the ECU. The CRV stays closed under boost conditions (directing all boosted air to the engine) or snaps opens when the computer directs it to, redirecting the boosted air within the compressor housing. The factory turbo system utilizes a CRV integrated into the turbocharger compressor housing which essentially closes and opens a port which can be seen in the images.

Do I need a new CRV?

The factory CRV is a rubber and plastic diaphragm with an electronic solenoid and light pressure spring that can fail under higher boost pressure or simply fail from fatigue and heat, even on stock engines. If your CRV fails, the turbocharger cannot make the boost pressure it was designed to as boosted air is being fed right back into the turbo inlet, and power is lost. For those looking to maximize power, the ELEVATE CRV will keep the valve closed for effectively so that maximum boost is achieved. Naturally, the ELEVATE Dual Port design also offers the amazing sound upon throttle lift.

What makes the ELEVATE CRV Blow Off Valve unique?

The short answer: Design, Engineering, Materials, and Manufacturing.

Design: Starting with a clean sheet, our Dual Port CRV Blow Off Valve was designed to achieve the desired performance. Careful consideration was given to maximum flow capability in a compact enough package to be a direct replacement for the factory CRV. A simple and elegant design with function as the driving force.

Engineering: Development partners Turbosmart have been designing and manufacturing turbo management systems and components since 1997. Their commitment to a top quality, overachieving performance goes into every component. Years of research, development and testing in motorsports has yielded a knowledge base that translates into excellent function and engineering of our CRV. Our CRV requires no additional springs, disassebmly of the factory unit, or adjustments due to our unique design.

Materials: Any design is only as good as the materials it is made out of. Our CRV body is made of precision machined and anodized 6061 aluminum. The piston is made of a unique bronze alloy that requires no o-rings to seal and yields smooth valve movement. Designs that utilize o-rings have proven time and again to be troublesome as o-rings stick, causing erratic valve movement and do not always allow the piston to return to the same location. Other problems of o-ring sealing of the piston include high friction, fatigue, lack of lubrication, heat generation, wear, varying affects of high temperature, chemical attack, and break-away friction.

Manufacturing: The ELEVATE Turbo Compressor Recirculation Valve is manufactured using state-of-the-art techniques on the latest equipment. Tight, precision machining processes and the coating of specific components create the precision tolerances required for top performance.

The ELEVATE Volvo Drive-E 2.0L Compressor Recirculating Valve is a direct replacement for the factory CRV. Three screws and one electrical connection is all it takes, with access to the valve made available through the right front wheel well. We even include a 5mm ball end 1/4" drive Allen socket to ease installation.

Installation instructions are included along with mounting hardware and cable ties.


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