Volvo C30 (2007-2014)
Elevate Volvo C30 T5 Performance Aluminum Intercooler
Elevate Volvo C30 T5 Performance Aluminum Intercooler Elevate Volvo C30 T5 Performance Aluminum Intercooler Elevate Volvo C30 T5 Performance Aluminum Intercooler Elevate Volvo C30 T5 Performance Aluminum Intercooler Elevate Volvo C30 T5 Performance Aluminum Intercooler Elevate Volvo C30 T5 Performance Aluminum Intercooler Elevate Volvo C30 T5 Performance Aluminum Intercooler

Elevate Volvo C30 T5 Performance Aluminum Intercooler

  • Noticeable power gains-street and track proven
  • Double the capacity of the factory intercooler
  • Bolt- in replacement with no cutting required
  • Installs in about one hour
  • Optimized for Volvo engine and chassis
  • Supports up to 470hp
  • Compatible with all other engine modifications

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The ELEVATE Volvo C30 T5 Intercooler is a premium quality intercooler which effectively cools the boosted air from your turbo. ELEVATE has invested a considerable amount of effort creating the ultimate intercooler for your Volvo. Rather than simply creating the largest intercooler possible, an integrated, overall vehicle approach was established for the best possible product. Years of intimate knowledge of Volvo products and the enhancement thereof has created a proven record of products that perform. The ELEVATE Intercooler is no exception.

Starting with a premium tube and fin core sized 22.5"(57cm) x 6.5"(17cm) x 3"(7.6cm) for maximum thermal efficiency, we meticulously weld uniquely designed, exclusive cast aluminum end tanks for a perfect fit in the stock intercooler location. The all-aluminum construction features a silver powdercoated finish to retain the sharp appearance of the Intercooler. Factory mounting points are retained as is the MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure) Sensor mounting position for accurate information to the ECM.

Maximum thermal efficiency is accomplished with our design, yielding significant power gains on both the street and the track. The truth about the stock intercooler is that it is efficient enough for most applications so long as the ambient air temperature is below 50F (10C) and there is sufficient airflow over the intercooler. However, as the ambient air temperature rises, the stock intercooler is not able to dissipate the heat of the boosted air passing through it quickly enough-requiring a larger, more efficient Intercooler.

Some competitors claim power gains associated to their intercooler. "Power increase numbers" are easily manipulated in a controlled environment such as dyno testing. For Elevate to claim that our intercooler yields a certain amount of power increase would simply not be accurate nor truthful because conditions and airflow vary so widely between each application. What our customers require is real-world, street and track proven performance increases. The ELEVATE Intercooler delivers.

Our testing has shown that airflow through the intercooler is critical for overall vehicle performance. Fitting an intercooler that is too thick will restrict and/or overheat the ambient air which passes through the intercooler and needs to cool the radiator. The majority of the cooling air required for proper radiator efficiency is brought in through the lower opening, where the intercooler resides. The upper "grille" between the headlights actually has little effect on radiator cooling. This is proven on our evaluations of Volvo aerodynamics and is further proven by the many modern cars on the road do not have an "upper grille" opening at all.

Another consideration in the ELEVATE Intercooler design is overall vehicle balance. Fitting too large or heavy of an intercooler on the nose of the car upsets overall vehicle balance. The front engine, front (or all) wheel drive Volvo architecture already has a handicap in being heavily front biased, and too heavy of an intercooler further exasperates this problem. The ELEVATE Intercooler increases intercooler size, capacity and efficiency while synergistically complementing the overall vehicle dynamics.

No cutting or drilling is required to fit the ELEVATE Intercooler-simply remove the front bumper cover to gain access to the intercooler, unbolt the factory unit and replace with the ELEVATE Intercooler. Depending on the skill level of the installer, most installs take less than one hour, with the actual intercooler swap taking only minutes.

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  1. Awsome! Review by Charlie

    Great improvement over stock, even without many other upgrades. Easy to install and fit, looks great. My c30 has been going up and down the I5 twice a month for a year and it has made a noticeable improvement. (Posted on 1/5/2018)

  2. This thing is "cool" Review by MyNameIdeasWereTaken

    While a bigger intercooler adds a bit more weight to the nose of the car, the difference is minimal and will generally go unnoticed. However, the enhanced power delivery is immediately felt and the car pulls noticeably stronger as boost begins to rise. Upgrading the intercooler is an absolute necessity for a performance build and also beneficial for cars driven in warmer climates. Easy installation and great quality. (Posted on 5/8/2017)

  3. Nice improvement Review by Sschultze

    I live in central California, a dry heat, and use this on a car I autocross and track. Nice improvement over stock. (Posted on 5/6/2017)

  4. Great for stock turbos! Review by Travman

    This FMIC is WONDERFUL with the stock K04 turbo. You notice a difference in a few ways.. in the cold, this performs much better taking in all that nice dense cold air, and on summer days, it does a better job of not allowing heat soak in. If you are running a K16 turbo, please note this does a MUCH better job over stock, but if you live where it is pretty hot it will get heat soaked very fast with the K16. The fitment on it is perfect. Very easy to install. (Posted on 2/5/2016)


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