Elevate XC90 Sport Lowering Springs

sub catagory: 
Chassis & Suspension
  • Lowers XC90 1.7” (43mm) in front and 1.7” (43mm) in the rear
  • Includes set of four springs and pair of rear shocks
  • Better looks and styling by reducing fenderwell gap
  • Improved handling by lowering center of gravity
  • Slight increase in spring rate for optimal cornering
  • Direct replacement for factory springs
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Give your car more control in the corners while improving its looks with ELEVATE Volvo XC90 Sport Lowering Springs. A product exclusive to ELEVATE, our springs give you the performance you desire without making the ride too stiff, creating unwanted harshness while driving. Our design lowers your car’s center of gravity, reduces squat during acceleration, body roll in corners and excessive nose-dive under braking.
Our springs are designed and tested by suspension engineers and performance driving professionals to deliver aggressive looks and high performance handling, without ever compromising safety or ride quality. Progressive spring windings on the rear springs allow comfort around town and excellent handling when pushed to the limit.
Ride height is reduced 1.7” (43mm) in front and 1.7” (43mm) in the rear.*
*Dimensions are compared to stock specifications.