ELEVATE V70R Turbo Sport Exhaust System

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Engine Performance
  • Gain of +17 HP and +14 lb-ft (19Nm) of torque at the wheels
  • Best flowing system available
  • True Catalytic Converter Back System with 3" (76mm) Diameter
  • Polished Double-Walled Tip
  • Fits Factory and ELEVATE Rear Bumpers
  • Includes high quality gaskets, clamps and hardware
  • Easy installation
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The only true 3” free flow exhaust system for the Volvo V70R owner looking to maximize performance and looks. It is manufactured from 100% T304 stainless steel and 100% mandrel bent throughout for optimal flow. The ELEVATE V70R Sport Exhaust System muffler features a unique collection chamber to maintain exhaust velocity without restriction. Appropriate sounds are produced—just the right amount of snarl under acceleration, a nice burble at idle, and only slightly louder than factory at cruising speeds.  Our design allows quick spooling of the V70R turbo and produces optimal power and torque.

The ELEVATE Sport Exhaust is the only, no compromise system available.  The V70R being a single turbo design, only one exhaust outlet comes from the engine (through the turbo).  We utilize a single, 3” design from flange through tip for the best flow.  The factory and our competitors split the exhaust signal with a “Y” connector into two smaller pipes most of the length of the car.  Introducing a “Y” in the exhaust stream greatly increases backpressure and limits flow—not the way to make power.  Single, large diameter tubing is what our testing has proven to be best.

The system includes all components past the catalytic converter (“cat back”) including gaskets, hardware and clamps. It can be easily installed with its clamp-together design or can be welded by any muffler shop if desired. The system features slip design fitment compatible with the ELEVATE Rear Bumper or factory bumpers. Weight savings is 19.5lbs (8.9kg) or 41% lighter than the factory system!
Weight Comparison
Factory V70R system: 48lbs (21.7kg)
ELEVATE V70R system: 28.5lbs (13kg)


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