ELEVATE Volvo C30 Signal Bulbs

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Exterior Styling
  • Eliminates “yellow” in clear lenses
  • Direct replacement for factory bulb
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Easy installation takes just a few minutes
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ELEVATE Signal Bulbs are an easy modification with dramatic results to enhance your factory light fixtures. In the off position, ELEVATE Signal Bulbs create greater aesthetic fluidity using a mono-chromatic coating on the bulb, making them invisible in clear lenses. When illuminated, the bulbs glow bright amber just as the factory bulbs. Available as direct replacements for front and rear amber signal bulbs and side turn bulbs on some models, ELEVATE Signal Bulbs eliminate the unattractive orange reflection in your clear lenses.

ELEVATE Signal bulbs feature a proprietary metallic coating over extra long life bulbs to ensure years of brilliant performance. Made in the USA, the ELEVATE Signal Bulbs are a direct replacement for your factory bulbs. ELEVATE Signal Bulbs are backed with a Lifetime Guarantee--if they burn out, we replace them for free (plus shipping).

Verify that your vehicle uses the below factory bulbs:
Front Corner Signal Bulb: PY21W
Rear Tail Lamp Signal Bulb: PY21W
Mirror Turn Signal Bulb: W5W